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We've grown up to play card games

At one point you stopped hitting things that make noises and started learning how to read. Then you learned how to write. And thirteen years later you're an eighteen year old junior in college with no idea of what you're going to do even though you keep telling yourself exactly what you're going to do.

And now you're just tired. And every word that comes out of your mouth is whiny. And you keep going till you realize just how miserable you're making everyone else around you. But then you start playing card games. You put on a poker face for every single person you see until a couple people figure you out. That's right, you guessed it, we're talking about web components this week! Cards, in specific.

Think about cards this way: you have the container, the banner, and the content. Within in the banner, you have the header, sub-header, and icon. The content can be anything, basically. Maybe an image, gif, bulleted list, or paragraph. There's also fun design modifications that you can make, such as changing the color and roundedness. I know because I'll spend hours doing that. Below is an example, not of my creation, of what I'm talking about.


Previously, I spent a couple weeks creating a button. I feel like the design aspect of the card is going to be a lot easier after that experience. And as always, the biggest struggle will be how everything fits together and what code to copy and paste.

You can check out my creation here. Which absolutely has no actual progress to it.

GitHub logo runtimeErrorsMadeEasy / project2

Making a card for IST 402

And of course a song that captures everything.

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