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Hey! My name is Liz, and I'm a junior studying Cybersecurity with a minor in IST. I'm from about 25 miles west of State College (middle of nowhere). I play women's club hockey and men's league, so half my nights are spent at the rink. Over the summer, I did research for the University looking at supply chain vulnerabilities with open-source intelligence. We took 5 vendors and them through SpiderFoot, Maltego, Shodan, Wayback Machine, and various job posting websites to find vulnerabilities such as open ports and out of date software. I really enjoyed research, so I'm looking to do something similar next summer. During the school year, I'm the secretary of WIST and work as the program coordinator of the IST Student Government. This is also my second semester working as a learning assistant for IST 220. I have no clue what I want to do with my life, but it's ok.

Why web development? I remember talking to some guy I play hockey with, and now I'm in his class. While that's a true story, I feel like web development is an area that's not really covered with Cybersecurity classes, and I wanted to learn more. I also didn't mind programming, but I've only done three semesters of Java and a little bit of Python. I've also helped design logos and enjoy drawing, so it would be cool to kinda integrate that with web design. I'm looking forward to contributing to open source.

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