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Fresh software developer with full-stack skillset (React with Rails). Currently exploring data structures, d3 visualization and other front-end magic.

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Understanding the Sliding Window Technique in Algorithms

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Using Two-Pointer Technique to Optimize Algorithm Solutions

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#todayilearnedA Small, Simple Trick to Make Your Text Editable via HTML

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Fullstack Trivia: Can You Answer These Interview Questions in 5 Minutes?

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Beyond Formatting Your Console: Styling Your console.log()

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Beyond console.log(): 3 Ways to Format Console Outputs in JavaScript

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5-Step Strategy You Can Use for Your Next Coding Interview

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#discussHow Would You Approach Systems Design Interview Questions?

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When Recursion Comes to Rescue

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Revisiting Color Design

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Peeking into the World of Accessibility via ARIA

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Quick Guide to Call, Apply, Bind in JavaScript

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8 SCSS Best Practices to Keep in Mind

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#showdevWhen Art Meets Data: Flowers as Visual Metaphor

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Practicing Recursion with 7 Algorithm Challenges

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A Cautionary Tale on Using JavaScript's fill() Method

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#discussIs JavaScript's .shift() Method a Performance Boost?

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#showdevAdding Calendar To Your React App

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5 Beautiful Visual Resources for Visual Learners

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#showdevTalk about Stressful Times: How COVID-19 Shaped My First React-Hooks-Redux App

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#challengeTake 'this' Quiz, Understand How 'this' Works in JavaScript

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#todayilearnedTo Mutate, Or Not To Mutate? JavaScript Array Methods Cheat Sheet

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3 Acronyms You Should Know Before Entering Backend Development

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Breaking Down a Complex RegEx

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