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I'm a passionate fitness buff.

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backend developer at skyetechgroup

How to create custom commands in django

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6 min read

Introduction to multi-tenant apps with django

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3 min read

Building my new site with gridsome(vue.js)

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4 min read

Which book has had a lasting impact on you of late?

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1 min read

Letter to aspiring software developers

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3 min read

How to clear screen in python terminal

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2 min read

User registration and authorization on a django API with djoser and JSON web tokens.

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8 min read

Building web APIs with django

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3 min read

What's your opinion of doing free work in exchange for "exposure"?

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web scraping: Managing proxies and Captcha with scrapy and the Scraper API

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8 min read

Maintaining balance in tech through hobbies.

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Lessons learnt from building and deploying a portfolio website

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3 min read

Beginner's guide to web scraping with python's selenium

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5 min read

List of resources for junior developers

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4 min read

Introduction to web scraping with python

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5 min read

How working out has influenced me as a developer

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4 min read

Best resources to learn vue.js

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1 min read

Steps I am taking to improve my writing skills

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Deploying a python-django application using docker

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7 min read

Continuous improvement/continuous growth as a developer

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