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Breath - Mental Health App (UX & UI Case Study)

Breath UX & UI Case Study - An app that helps users deal with mental health issues.

I believe if you suffer from something suffer appropriately but make something out of it.
As a result of dealing with mental health issues for the past couple of years, I decided to make something about it. After joining Designerrs | UI UX Design Academy I saw a problem brief called "make a mental health app."
I immediately jumped into it because if you suffer from something, you should make something that can help others who are suffering from it too.

Learnings from this project

The topic of mental health is very sensitive when it comes to user research because most people want to keep things private, but having a proper user research interview question set helped me identify pain points, goals, and motivations.

The most important thing I learned about UX design as a designer was to put myself in the user's shoes so I could solve their problems.

After receiving constant feedback on designs and iterating based on that feedback, I understand the crucial role feedback plays in the design process.

Live Youtube demo of this project

Portfolio Link:- Portfolio Link
Behance Project Link :- Breath UX & UI Case Study
I want to express my sincere gratitude to those who helped me during the process of the project.
Manvi Singhwal , Shahid Ahmed, Shivani Bhardwaj , Tina Lidia , Aakanksha Jaykar , Shireen Bhat , Ishika Dhawan

This project is very important to me, and your valuable feedback will help me improve as a User Experience designer. Thank you, Krishna.


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