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Study Group - Week 4

I'm currently looking for a job after graduating from Makers Academy.
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So we meet up again on Sunday this week, which I feel was more necessary this week due to the pair programming challenge. There was a lot of new faces there which was surprising since we were so close to the on-site course and we'd meet there. but honestly, I'm always glad to see new faces.

a few of the people there had to complete the pairing challenge. Although I had already done my pairing I was more than happy to do it again, practice makes perfect after all. It's also nice to get to work with as many new people in my cohort before starting. Everyone else was mainly just working through the "student-directory". This week was like revision, using everything we learned in chapter 2 & 3 to make a project along with a "CSV" file to store our data. We also took the chance to look through each other's CV's and proofread them. It was nice to get another perspective and some feedback on it because it was kind of difficult to critique your own work. I got to polish off the challenges of week 4 so I left feeling accomplished.

We all left looking forward to the road ahead of us a new beginning. It's daunting but also exciting can’t wait to get started. We discussed the possibility of keeping this up but we’re still unsure if we'll have the time. If not we'll all be around each other at Makers so we can still discuss ideas so it's not a problem.

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