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Study Group - Week 3

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Another week is over which means another study group and once again there were more people there so it seems our group is slowly growing, maybe by January, we'll have the whole cohort attending. Since this is the end of week 3 we were finishing up the "mastery quizzes" although I and some of the rest of the group were already finished them, this was really convenient timing because at the start of week 4 was the TDD(Test, Driven, Development) which is to be done in pairs.

I got my pairing done earlier in the week which left me to my own devices and gave me a chance to be nosy a see what other people were doing. I think chapter 9 was the problem this week I found myself struggling with it earlier in the week but everyone was able to resolve their problems by asking other members of the group, so I continued with a side project that I and 2 other members of my cohort were working on. We decided to make a poker simulator that's to be played in the command line so far it's going well, as they say, "2 heads are better than 1", so you can imagine how well our 3 heads are doing. This side project is way more fun than the assigned pairing because it's far more challenging. and we’re able to just throw ideas around and discuss what would work best then we try it if there's a problem we're able to check the error message and troubleshoot the problems one person at a time until we eventually get it. overall this study group has go great so far and it building comradery amongst us already.

Before everyone left I suggested we all go for a drink sometime this week to lift spirits and celebrate making it through the pre-course. Making it through the precourse may not be a groundbreaking achievement but I think it's a good idea to celebrate the little things, That said it's probably best we don't go too mad or we might have a study group next week!

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