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Study Group - Week 2

After the first weeks study group went well we decided to do another study group yesterday, it looks like it'll be a weekly thing!, we organised it over our slack group and meet up at the Ace Hotel again, mainly because it's got a nice set up and open during weekends and some of the group is still working. There was a larger group this time, which means study group is growing, which means some new faces and fresh perspectives. Since now there's more people we get to see different ways of doing the same code which is always interesting and gets us thinking about more possibilities!

The larger group meant that pretty much everyone had someone who was doing the same section as them so it meant we were working together towards a similar goal not exactly pair programming but something similar. I was able to help a few people with the parts I had already done although just because I had done it didn't make it easy mainly because a lot of the time I had done it differently which meant I had to get my solution out of my head and see how their code was working, and their way of doing it usually never crossed my mind, so it was like redoing it. I also got to work with people who are a couple of challenges ahead of the rest of us, we also spent some time just comparing code of past challenges which kinda helps me see why Makers does pair programming, working with people with different mindsets gets you to think about what your code actually does a bit more.

Now its become a weekly thing I look forward to it, it gives me a chance to work somewhere different rather than looking at the same blank wall everyday and its giving me and the rest of the group a chance to meet new people who are on the path to becoming developers, so it's sort of like networking. Hopefully there’ll be more people there again next week!

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