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Karan Pratap Singh
Karan Pratap Singh

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System Design: What is system design?

Before we start this course, let's talk about what even is system design.

System design is the process of defining the architecture, interfaces, and data
for a system that satisfies specific requirements. System design meets the needs
of your business or organization through coherent and efficient systems. It requires
a systematic approach to building and engineering systems. A good system design requires
us to think about everything, from infrastructure all the way down to the data and how it's stored.

Why is System Design so important?

System design helps us define a solution that meets the business requirements. It is
one of the earliest decisions we can make when building a system. Often it is essential
to think from a high level as these decisions are very difficult to correct later. It
also makes it easier to reason about and manage architectural changes as the system evolves.

This article is part of my open source System Design Course available on Github.

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