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learning or simply memorizing??

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I am a CS student and so have been learning a simple programming language called 'c++' for about 4 years now. According to this data, by now I should be a pro at coding and solving tech related problems in C++. but guess what, till now I am only equipped with the limited knowledge that helps me solve assignments and clear my exams. here's where the question arises; are we learning or simply memorizing. for a computer enthusiasts, I expected to be taught in a practical way; full of open projects and vigorous coding. i mean that's what distinguishes a CS students; his skills. And here I am with basic knowledge and no perfect skills to move forward. Even though I have started coding on my own using various sites and apps, I still feel something missing; something lacking in the foundation!
do let me know how do you all feel on the same issue???
and some helpful tips will be more than welcomed by me

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this is kanika Gupta. I'm pursuing computer science honours as well as German honours from DU. I'm a writer cum poet!


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