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Are Morning Routines Overrated?

Tell us about your morning routine? Is it a true routine, or more like a mad dash? Does it set you up for success throughout the day? Or could it be improved upon?

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Ben Sinclair

I get up at 8 or 8:30. If that seems late, then it's my pushback against years of commuter-driven timewasting. Also I'm up at 6 to feed the cats so it's not like I get that many hours anyway.

I have my first coffee, open all the curtains, turn my desktop on and open a few regular tabs to read and check things out. Then I have breakfast, and then I start work if it's a workday. Breakfast is either toast or oats. I've standardised on those things over the last couple of years because before that I was very haphazard in whether I had anything at all, or whether I had slices of chocolate cake.

It generally happens that this all ends up at about 9:30 because most days I have an engineering meeting then, so a lot of us have gradually drifted to working half an hour later than we used to. We make it up later, either after hours or by taking a shorter lunch. Having the flexibility to take longer or shorter breaks has made mornings seem less indulgent and more like, "this is how computer work should always have been."

What could I do to improve it? I could go for a morning walk or something. I've been saying that for a decade...

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Matt Ryan

I am up at 5:30. First step is feed the cats. My breakfast is a small energy drink and a protein bar. I am out the door by 6:50 for my 50 min commute by bike to work. Or if it's raining, my 40 min commute by bus.

My routine keeps me grounded and sane. I bike or take the bus because driving to work is a waste of time and money. Biking to work is obvious, it's like an intense spin class twice a day for an hour, great for my health. Taking the bus, let's me sit and listen to music and read before work.

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Josefine Schfr

I usually get up around 6.30-7.30, have a coffee & read, feed my cat, and most mornings I work out or at least go for a walk.
Even though I don't have to start work until 9am, I love getting up early enough to have some time for myself - really helps my mental health and happiness :)

I'm always amazed by people who can get up, get ready in an instance and start working - very effective. But we're all different and need to find a way that works well for us :)

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I have a pretty consistent morning routine, and it definitely helps me get into a routine as soon as I wake up. That being said, I can understand why someone wouldn't want to have a morning routine. It can get extremely monotonous.

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Jake Lundberg

for me, my morning routine is very important. if it ever gets messed up or interrupted, it definitely affects the rest of my day.

up at 5am, shower, get dressed. then into the kitchen to make coffee and breakfast. while i wait for things to cook I pack my wife’s lunch. Eat breakfast with my son before he goes to school. 6:15 he’s out the door and I sit down for 30-45 mins of reading. Then I feed the dogs and give them their medicines. See my wife out as she leaves for work, then I head into my home office for 1 hour of personal productivity time (usually learning something dev related or working on a personal projects). 8:15, time to sign in to the work computer and start working.

as far as improvements, over the years i’ve made small tweaks to improve it, like laying my cloths out on the couch the night before, prepping the dogs food and meds the night before, and prepping breakfast on sundays and freezing it so it can just be warmed up in the mornings for example.

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Hana Klingová

I am not a morning person at all. So I need to have my morning coffee which helps me to switch for being grumpy to being nice and productive.

I have routines spread during the day and it depends whether I go to the office or stay home. Especially when staying home it is important for me to dedicate time to prepare a lunch and go for a walk after I finish working (it helps my brain to switch from work to leisure time).

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Ricardo Esteves
  • Wake up with the first alarm (avoid snoozing it or creating more than one).
  • Make a coffee (a big cup, latte vegetable milk it my preference).
  • Go to the gym or go for a run (40min max).
  • Get a nice shower.
  • Put on some music

You will get lots of energy for the Intier day and you will feel more focused! well at least for me it works.

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list task to do everyday.

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Bernd Wechner

Up between 6 and 7, shower, dress, tidy and clean kitchen, make school lunches for the kids, make them breakfast, ensure they are dressed. If there's time I have breakfast, else at 8:15 we walk together 1.2km uphill to school, I drop them off, maybe chit chat a bit with my kids, other kids or their parents, and walk back home. If not had breakfast have breakfast now. Hop on my bicycle, ride in to work. Log on, make a coffee, triage comms (email and teams), start work.

Negotiated my work hours down to 25 hours a week, 5 x 5 hour days, specifically so I could enjoy my mornings and afternoons and not be running everywhere, and racing from a to b to squeeze in family and work. Not an uncommon approach, mostly ascribed to women and mothers, but increasingly find men in our community (Tasmania) doing similar. it's still the exception not the rule, and those who can feel lucky and privileged, it depending very much on the industry and employer. Self employed, for better or worse, is more likely to demand 50 hour weeks than 25 hour weeks, and so this is usually in the realm of employees in larger concerns.

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having a morning routine helped me to spend my day according to plans. It is more productive when things go as expected, but when anything goes against the plan, I have the time to handle situation when I finish my work on time.

Taking breaks on time and eating on time were two habits that helped me when I had morning routine

But I am trying to set up a new routine, its all messed up since the day I started my new job.

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Stefan Moore
  1. Lot's of crying, yelling and screaming. For those with kids understand.
  2. Coffee
  3. Get ready for a fun day