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Rahul Wagh
Rahul Wagh

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Helm Upgrade Command | How to use Helm Upgrade Command

In this lab session, we are going to see how to upgrade your helm chart with a new revision. This command is really useful when you want to make some changes to your exiting helm chart which is already deployed inside the Kubernetes cluster. Helm upgrade command ease out the pain of doing the manual update, you can simply run the command "helm upgrade" and it will fix everything for you.

Here are the main key areas which we will target in this session on "How to use Helm upgrade command?"

  1. What is Helm upgrade command
  2. How to create your first helm chart?
  3. How to make changes to your existing helm chart?
  4. How to run Helm upgrade command?
  5. How to verify your upgrade using the release version?

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