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Complete Ansible series with 11 lab session

Here is 11 lab session which will get you started with the Ansible from scratch.

There are many more similar sessions which I will be uploading so stay for similar content.

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Part 1 : Ansible for Beginners: Learn the Fundamentals of IT Automation

Part 2 : Ansible Installation: The Windows, Ubuntu, CentOS, and macOS Guide

Part 3 : Ansible Project Structure: A Beginner's Guide to Inventory, Hosts, Roles, and Tasks

Part 4 : Securing Ansible with SSH Keys: A Comprehensive Guide

Part 5 : Ansible & YAML : What is YAML is Ansible

Part 6 : Ansible Handlers: A Step-by-Step Guide

Part 7 : Mastering Ansible Variable

Part 8 : How to use Ansible Environment variables?

Part 9 : Ansible when conditional explained

Part 10 : Ansible Roles and Tasks Exaplained

Part 11 : Ansible Jinja2 template explained

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