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Complete Helm Chart Tutorial: From Beginner to Expert Guide

Helm Chart Masterclass 2023: From Beginner to Expert 🚀

Dive deep into the world of Helm Charts with this comprehensive 7-chapter course. Whether you're new to Kubernetes or a seasoned expert looking to enhance your Helm skills, this tutorial has got you covered!

Chapters Overview:
🔵 Chapter 1 - Introduction to Helm Chart & Kubernetes 0:53
Timestamp - 0:53
What is Helm Chart?
Why is Kubernetes essential?
The role of Helm Chart in managing K8s
Step-by-step guide to installing Helm Chart

🔵 Links - 
Microk8s -
Install kubectl -
Install Microk8s -
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🔵 Chapter 2 - Diving Deeper into Helm Chart
Timestamp - 25:54
Understand Helm Chart's significance
The symbiotic relationship between Kubernetes and Helm Chart
Streamlining K8s management using Helm Chart

🔵 Links - 
Installing Helm Chart made easy
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Install Helm Chart -

🔵 Chapter 3 - Helm CLI Commands Mastery:
Timestamp - 41:57
helm create
helm install
helm upgrade
helm rollback
Mastering debugging with helm --debug --dry-run
helm template, helm lint, helm uninstall and more!

🔵 Chapter 4 - Creating Custom Helm Charts:
Timestamp - 58:21
Designing a Python application with REST API
Docker Container creation and management
Pushing Docker images to repositories
Crafting Helm Charts for your Python REST API app
Helm chart installation and post-installation verification

🔵 Links -
Github Project -

🔵 Chapter 5 - Helmfile Unraveled:
Timestamp - 1:22:21
What is Helmfile? And why is it crucial?
Installing Helmfile seamlessly
Effective Helmchart management using Helmfile
Installing Helmcharts from Git Repos and managing multiple Helmcharts with Helmfile

🔵 Links -
Helmfile -

🔵 Chapter 6 - Exploring Helm Repo:
Timestamp - 1:43:03
Mastering the helm repo CLI
Searching and navigating through various charts

🔵 Links -
Helm Repo -

🔵 Chapter 7 - Hooks, Tests & More:

Unpacking Helm Hooks: What, Why, and When?
Demo on effectively using Helm Hooks
Introduction to Helm Test and its applications

🔗 Resources & Links:

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