What was your win this week?

Jess Lee (she/her) on February 15, 2019

It's weekly retro time! Looking back, what was something you're proud of? All wins count -- big or small! Examples of 'wins' include: Getting ... [Read Full]
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Awesome, as a fellow GIS developer, this makes me happy.


This'll be a huge learning experience for me. The company only just started. The founder has a background in geographical models, but relatively little IT experience. Together with another person I've known for quite a while, I'll help build (mostly web) applications around the models he makes. Apart from toying with PostGIS, I have very little GIS programming experience, so there's a lot to learn.

I've been GIS & Developer for more than 15 years.
My experience with this field is not that good.
I always see either GIS experts who are not very strong programmers, and who know very little about best practices in programming and building large enterprise level applications.
Or I hang out with developers who follow all good practices and all new tech, but know nothing about GIS.
In my careers, I only see very few who combine both.
At my current job, lots of developers, and we want GIS, but they know very little about GIS.

Well, I hope that with StraTopo, we can combine our skills to bridge that gap.




congratulations! Please write a blog here about your journey!


This week, I....managed to exercise every day! And got some awesome feedback from @peter :

You are almost always our β€œenough is enough, let’s just do this now” forcing function. In a great way.


Awesome! Don't you love how exercise clears the mind and holistically benefits? I think I am now addicted to walks a couple times a day.


This week, I manage not to overwhelm myself and stretch myself too thin by saying 'no' at work.


Nice! This is one of the skills that I wish I was a bit better at.


That is so important!


This week, I thought of a fun side project! Going to try to do it this weekend... stay tuned! ;)

Mandark from "Dexter's Laboratory" lets out an evil laugh.


I hope you wrote it down before you forget πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜‰


This week, I... learned how to set up SSL, disable TLS 1.0, and update our DNS settings without taking down production!!!



Gratz!! I am browsing basically the same waters (mostly SSL now), so any resources / links could be of a great help :) Once again - sincere congratulations :)


I should note that I've essentially done this with training wheels since we're on Heroku πŸ˜‚ Here are the resources I used to set this up:

General docs that have helped me as I voyage into networking:


Can you please run down the steps you've followed to achieve this.


Sure! I'm using Heroku for this though, so a lot of the "hard stuff" was abstracted away. My basic process was like so:

  1. Follow instructions here to provision the endpoint: SSL Endpoint | Heroku Dev Center
  2. Download the existing key and certificate files from provider
  3. Add certificate to the correct application following instructions in link above
  4. TEST SSL ENDPOINT!!! Make sure it's available before moving on or you might get cert errors on production 🚨
  5. Once live, update CNAME record to point to the herokussl endpoint
  6. Use traceroute to check that domain resolves to the new SSL endpoint
  7. If all is well, remove any old/unused certificates using the heroku certs:remove command from the CLI
  8. Open a support ticket to disable TLS 1.0 support for the affected application
  9. Confirm that TLS 1.0 is disabled using either openssl or SSL Labs (takes much longer but is interesting)

Hi Anna
I'm struggling with the same issue,
I meant to ask, what certificate providers did you use?
and does setting ssl-endpoint means that you have to renew it manually when the certificate expires?
and does this means that if our websites forces browser to use a secure connection that would be a down time if the certificate expires

I am new to this and I've read tons of articles which made me more confused


This week, I.... made it through! Had a tough week with personal stuff on top of the stuff I normally do, and was stressed.


There are so many weeks where that's the only thing I can do... Try to take some time to talk to people you trust. It won't make things better but it will sure relieve a bit of the stress. :)


I built a snowman for the first time.


That is soo cool ! This year we only had 1 day of thin snow. I think the last snowman I made with the kids was 4-5 years ago !


This week, I wrote an entire library with best practices and CI/CD in spite of high pressure from management and with a tight approaching deadline. Feels good at the end of the day to have done the right thing...


This week, I managed to re-engineer a SQL job that was running for more than 6 hours and make it run in 10 minutes!


We need a POST about it


Sure I would do that.


Nice! That's some serious time saved!! πŸ”₯


Hot damn! Well done!


This week, I replaced promise...then...catch with async/await in an app and took the time to throw relevant errors. It has made the code much easier to read. Next step is to add try/catch blocks to refine error handling.

I also ran 3 days this week (wish it would get warm! Hurry up Spring!)


What’s the main benefits of async/await over promise.then.catch? Is speed one of them?


I haven't seen any performance improvements in my code. It's just that the code is clearer and therefore more readable and maintainable. Without the then/catch blocks its much shorter as well. I haven't measured this, but in a large project there could even be measurable decrease in overall bundle size. However, at the end of the day async/await is still a promise under the covers.

Ah ok, gotcha. Thanks.


This week, I managed to leave my job without turning into a big crying mess!

In all seriousness, it is more that I have progressed into fulltime work on my dream of running a Software Dev company.


Why do you want to run a software dev company?


It has been a dream of mine for the majority of my life. Always liked computers and always wanted to run a company. In my linked article, I explain it in a little more detail etc. πŸ™‚


This week, I finally finished my first post on dev.to. I still have to check it a few times and it will be ready to be published this weekend!

My first dev.to post


This week, I built out a workflow to patch a bunch of servers in parallel. Needs some brains still, but it's already going to save a couple days a month for whichever engineer has to roll out patches to our relatively large fleet.

I'm awesome gift


This week, I.... updated my side project to be a PWA! It was a lot of fun looking into what was required and making the minor tweaks to get it going.


This week, I....managed to do 3 Days Water Fasting and lost about 2.5KG weight.

For those who keep working day at night by sitting on computer like me and cant go to gym should do Water fasting to lost weight.


That's great progress! but also a bit risky, that's a drastic weight loss.
When we talk about weight loss we're supposed to lose the extra pounds lying around in form of fat. Often when water fasting we lose water, carbs and muscle mass. Im putting extra emphasis on muscle mass as it's very important. Hope you're taking these things in consideration :)


Yes, you are right. We need to keep electrolytes and other things inside body while doing water fasting. I tried to use sea salt and other methods to keep them inside.
Real magic happens when body fully transformed into ketosis mode.


Wow! How did you feel doing it?


First two days were tough, like very tough. Alot of headache, low energy.
Couldn't sleep the second night.

Third day was great, felt fresh like usual days and was ready to make it 5 days.


Wow ! Have you tried intensive walking ?


Actually I'm doing Masters and Job , both as full-time. Really hard to find time to do walking and exercises. That was the main reason i selected water fasting.

I will try intensive walking and other methods once my study gets complete.


This week, I.... had a paid teaching gig. Recorded and editing an egghead video. I also managed to figure out some tricky map stuff in d3.

Monica Gellar from Friends awkwardly dancing


I also managed to figure out some tricky map stuff in d3

That's awesome! I feel like the D3 stuff I do is cobbled together in a "just works" fashion and would love to actually get it working on purpose.


Did you teach about accessibility ?


No, I wish! The egghead stuff was about accessibility, though. The teaching gig was on introduction to HTML and CSS :)


This week, I went to the gym for the first time. My friend and I have a whole scheduled plan setup, so we're actually really sure that we'll be able to keep up with the gym. So in the 22 years of my life, I'll finally get fit, rather than have my only exersise be the danse floor at my favorite night club πŸ‘πŸ»


Honestly, the danse floor is way more fun than the gym :)


This week, I figured out how to mass auto remove unused imports in an angular (or any typescript project). It saved me at least 8 hours worth of work!!!


This week, I....

  • Got to experience an actual snowfall for the first time
  • Got recognized for my skills as a developer by a senior dev!

Did you experience the snowfall because you moved to a snowy area or because snow moved to your place ?


Kinda because I moved to a snowy area, but that's because work took me there for a week.


This week, I refactored another major piece of untestable code using a solution to a problem I encountered that was provided via Dev.to!


This week, I Made a notepad and deployed it on boiling-plains-87481.herokuapp.com . It is a very basic notepad for now but I'll be adding functionalities as time goes along. I'm a beginner so any feedback would be appreciated.


The minions are cute :) I got an error when I clicked on my task in the "Here are you tasks" page.


Hello,can you please elaborate the error? I just checked in, and everything is fine.

It looks like it works fine now. Thank you for checking !


This week, I finally got β€œtrue” concurrency working with our API!

Now, requests are sent in a a single batch API call, and our API gets their data concurrently as well. This cuts down load times by a further 90% which is insane.

For context, our app automates a process that take an experienced employee 30+ seconds. Today I wrote some code that can do 4 of those processes in 300ms... and here I was thinking under a second for each was good!

Also, the new API is built up of a beautiful interdependent microservices structure. Hot damn am I glad for my former manager telling me to study the Azure cloud architecture guide. It’s perfect for a perfectionist who hates debugging (like me).

This next week is going to be a big push - replicating what I’ve made in the past 2 months over 100 times to support what our customers need. But I’m confident it’s achievable :)

If you wanna check out what we do we have a demo video at txBatch.com


This week, I shaved 25% off a hosting bill by caching a few template fragments that were generated on every page load and didn't really need to be.


Worked on my full stack clojure web framework (github.com/coast-framework/coast) again, feels good to pick it back up after a solid month off


I've been watching coast from afar for a little while. Definitely fills an important niche in the Clojure community!


This week, I....

Fixed my snowblower by replacing the carburetor for $20 instead of spending $800 on a whole new machine. It was really close though; earlier in the week, in full temper-tantrum, I went to the store to buy a new snow blower but they were out of the one I wanted, so I went home and ordered the part I needed. Just earlier this evening I put it on and it runs like a champ.


This week, I....

  • learned how to skii
  • finished my side project
  • celebrated my loved ones bday



This week, I started a new job.


This week, I told my boss that I will quit my job in May to go to the next step in my career.
I love the company and people I'm working for and with, so it was challenging to tell my boss the intention to leave.
The next step is to complete a big project I'm currently working on, and then get a job in the US.


This week, I learnt about css flex, I really enjoyed it


I remember the first time I learned about flexbox and it blew my mind. Same when I first found out about grid!


This week, I.... got access to the Dev server we are going to set up so that we can use Python, Node.js, and other modern tooling. Collaborating with the other Dev on my team, has been great, and we're able to do some experimenting now with some modern stacks. Previously working with AIX and some other older tech/ desperate systems where at best we are exporting text files to run some of our business processes. Other teams have moved forward but this is a small but powerful step for my team.


This week, I....created a plugin for share whatsapp stickers with Cordova on Ionic and viabilized a project with this solution.


Hi, I'm struggling with creating an ionic whatsapp sticker app. Can you help me?


Of course, see the repository with the plugin and create a issue if you have any questions.


This week, I got to work with the CI/CD side of things on a migration of applications into AWS. Fun stuff, learned a lot and helped push the needle.


Stupid humblebrag: This week, I played Tetris 99 for the first time not knowing what the rules are or that it's actually an online game. It confused the heck out of me. Not understanding the gibberish that was going on on the screen I made it to the end. And I realized that I ranked number 4 against 98 other players. Yay me πŸ˜„

Tetris 99


This week, I learn that the error:

ERROR in node_modules/rxjs/internal/types.d.ts(81,44): error TS1005: ';' expected
node_modules/rxjs/internal/types.d.ts(81,74): error TS1005: ';' expected.
node_modules/rxjs/internal/types.d.ts(81,77): error TS1109: Expression expected.

Is resolve by this patch:

index c91361e..77d0383 100644
--- a/package.json
+++ b/package.json
@@ -73,6 +73,6 @@
         "protractor": "~5.3.0",
         "ts-node": "~5.0.1",
         "tslint": "~5.9.1",
-        "typescript": "~2.7.0"
+        "typescript": "~2.8"

This week, I finally released devtocli and planning to take it to producthunt

sarthology / devtocli

πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’» Browse and Search Dev.to Posts from Command Line

Dev.to CLI

Wanted to get Dev.to on your terminal? Ahoy! now you can.


1. Check the top posts

You can get top posts from the Dev.to feed in your terminal using:


2. Check top posts by tag

Easy post search using the tag, you can use

devto tag javascript

if you don't know the keyword, you can use the search tag feature using

devto tag

3. Check recent posts by any author

You can check 5 most recent posts of any author using

devto author sarthology

4. Check top posts by timeline

You can check top posts on Dev.to for a specific timeframe using

devto top week

There are several options like week month year infinity. If you want to see the options just type

devto top

5. Search top posts by a keyword

Use the powerful search feature to find posts using keywords

devto search sarthology



This week, I fixed a bug that was haunting us for about 4 months. Due to the misuse of a library, our app had a deadlock. Funny point was that the misused code was there for years, but some other libraries' changes invoked the buggy behaviour. Post-mortem yet to come.


This week, I scheduled a script to run automatically at a specified time and date in order to send me a notification to my phone when is bin collection day.


This week, I installed a dishwasher into our tiny kitchen with just slight prior experience with plumbing. Internet (and specifically YouTube) is a magical place. If you wanna have a laugh, see this video of us trying to find the main water valve: twitter.com/MichalBryxi/status/109...


Until this week, I never understood the need for <meta charaset="UTF-8"> in HTML.

Finally figured out why it was needed.

'twas all for the emojis! πŸ₯🎊



This week, I worked with TWO libraries I believed were complicated to use some time ago. Turns out they were easy to use(to me).

The libraries are rmagick and minimagick.

I needed to generate a signature of users in the project I'm working on and this signature needed to be an image. Both libraries are wrappers for ImageMagick and that used to scare me a bit because in my initial days in Ruby on Rails rmagick had a bad fame in the company πŸ˜†

I ended using both because it wasn't possible to install rmagick in Docker Alpine. Both libraries let me achieve the job. Both are awesome.

guy from napoleon dynamite


This week, I fixed an issue where we had been using dpkg and it crashed when installing dependencies that are circular.

I learnt that apt manages dependency resolution and order of installation.

Yet to learn how apt does that though.

Penguin Dancing


This week, I.... actually finished one of my i-only-do-this-to-learn projects.


This week, I.... setup Ruby environment for the first time and actually wrote some Ruby code πŸ˜„


This week, on Dev.to I made it to the Top 7 Posts of the week and got the nicest shout out from Malik and Dan for my post on SQL concepts. It's a great feeling to know that it's helped others out and that we have a growing community of database, analytics and SQL enthusiasts.

At work, the database migration I've been working on is almost at an end. After over six months of workshopping with users, design, build and moving 50 data analysts and all their things to the new Aurora database we are ready to retire SQL Server.



This week, I made my first comment here on DEV after two years of lurking. About darn time.

Also I rewrote a legacy SQL Reporting query so that it now runs in <5 seconds instead of nearly 2 minutes. It was a really, really poorly written query, felt good to put it out of its misery.


This week, I hand wrote an RSS feed for my github pages, I resumed aikido (cute white belt) and especially kendo practice aiming for the end of April local tournament (where I'm hoping I'll at least score a point before being eliminated :) and I started learning Javascript :) That was a lot on my plate so I also managed to sleep early (well, not too late) everyday !!! :)


This week, my team and I finished a new app we are now ready to deploy it to prod next week πŸŽ‰


This week, I....was able to get get started with the Twitter API with the help of Raspberry Pi projects. I just now need to figure out how to direct the dadjokes CLI to twitter from my terminal to make it post new jokes to my Facebook every morning lol

Alt Text


This week, I pushed out two blog posts!

It's on my new year resolution to write more and I'm glad it's moving along (along with everything else!).

Check them out, would appreciate feedback so I could improve!

Happy Pig


This week, I had to deliver a few features on a pre-ES6 AngularJS 1.4 module which had not been touched for years. I was able to finish it as well as modernizing the codebase. Though I was 10 minutes late past the soft deadline.


This week, I defined the smallest product that I can sell without taking weeks to build it: a lean content marketing video course with automation tools & tricks for entrepreneurs who want to do content marketing for their product or services.

I'm starting out In Dutch to make it easier and will translate it into English once this works out πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ’ͺ🏻

A course ofcourse


This week, I built a full dynamic web app inside a tool I've been working on for the past 4 months (divjoy.com) and it actually went really well. First time really dogfooding my own product. Whether it's ultimately successful or not I can now say that it's at least something I like and would use and that I'm not completely crazy 😁


This week, I got laid off for the first time. I had a healthy conversation at the meeting where the message was delivered and helped the CEO/CTO to get all the formalities of termination done.
I feel weirdly refreshed, and will take the next steps.
My apologies if it's bit of a downer for the post - I do feel proud for how I handled it though


This week, I wrote an article from the Open Genius IQ website. It will not be published yet, but the editor loves it. So I think that I will be writing more articles from them soon.

Let's do it


This week, I signed a contract with a company I've been wanting to work at since something like three years ago. This was the third try (third time's the charm!). They said I made quite a progress. :D

I am going to help fighting global food waste!


This week, I got an offer for my first engineering role!

It's been a crazy 6 month shift (left my job August 17, 2018, received my offer February 13, 2019).

Feeling really grateful to everyone who's helped me along the way.


This week, I'm really happy with the progress of night theme with the awesome leadership of @link2twenty . Built in a way which will be extensible for future theme stuff.


This week, I worked on a POC for migrating some SQL tables to MongoDB and forced myself to use Docker to do it, as I'm working on another project using Docker as well. Was super psyched to combine and use two technologies that are new to me in a single project.


This week, I attended the VueJS Amsterdam conference and got a lot of awesome inspiration how to get started / improve on those side projects!


This week, I....

had a couple of wins

  • Turned over mobile project to QA
  • Got pagination and custom page links working in GatsbyJS
  • Continued my weekly release of a mini podcast


This week, I posted about one of my projects: Marcdown on dev.to

I received immense support and suggestions from my fellow devs on it (100+ reactions and 2000+ views). Thank you all for the support on here as well as on GitHub. Love you all β€πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’œ


This week, I met my new team at my new company, and today, dealt with my first tickets and published my first three PRs. Yaaay πŸŽ‰


This week, I got my first open source react library react-3ducks into the awesome-react-components list


This week I published a pre-release of an R package I've been working on at work. I've mainly done work in Python, but it feels good to get my first "big" R package to a mostly completed point.


This week, I passed my Security+ exam! I've worked in tech for a few years now and this is the first industry certification I've sat for.


This week, I started learning flutter by using it to build UIs I found on Dribbble (this was yesterday)


This week, I got through 4 interviews and in a position to resign from my current company (which is like hell on Earth)


This week, I managed to complete a task we thought would take at least 3 weeks, since it's a legacy codebase and was untouched for the past 2 years.


This week, I told to my boss and teammates that I'm going to quit in Q2 to move abroad (Brisbane, Australia precisely) to get a better life, study english and find new and interesting challenges.


This week, after an 18-month sabbatical from the workforce, got a 6-mo contract-to-hire gig only 9 minutes from my house. Adult conversations, again! Yay, me!


This week, I manage to convince my boss to use Figma to design our clients theme, in the past we used to develop the theme with no design... Marketing Agency


This week, I started learning flutter by using it to build UIs I found on Dribbble (this was yesterday)


This week, I....published my first article on DEV

Learn Javascript: Introduction


This week, I had my laptop crashed. Finally fixed it


This week, I finally finished the third chapter in my book on infinitely scalable applications.


This week, I hit 5000 followers!!! πŸ™ŒπŸΎ

I also worked on my personal blog:

Launches soon πŸ˜ƒ


This week, I stay coding


This week, I, along with my team, launched our first production release! This is the first time my product team, which I joined in October 2018, has launched code to our production environment.


This week, I finally decided to try GatsbyJS. Feels like home.

well well


This week, yep I make my 2019 resolutions finally 😁


This week, I memorized 6000th word at Memrise (I learn English :D)
I fixed almost 50 little bug and 5 big bug and ended up my first react native application after 1 month.


This week, I finally solved a bug on my website (It was a major problem and I was working on it for 5 weeks straight) happy for it to be over!

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