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An aspiring software engineer from the tiny city of Kuala Lumpur.

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RMIT University, Melbourne


Software Engineer at Derivco Sports

ElixirConf US 2019 and the future of Elixir

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2 min read

Introducing `Rocketman`, a gem to help you do Pub/Sub code in Pure Ruby. No Rails needed!

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1 min read

How do you do API versioning?

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2 min read

Introducing `Behaves`, a better way to define contracts/behaviors between classes

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1 min read

A Tale of Curiosity at work - work doesn't have to be boring

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4 min read

Function/Method look up in Elixir/Ruby

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4 min read

Elixir's If and Elixir's Do

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[ Elixir | Why Linked Lists? ]

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5 min read

How arrays work the way arrays work

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Recursion, Tail Call Optimization and Recursion.

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Ruby has no class methods

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5 min read

My Ruby Journey: Hooking Things Up

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