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What was your win this week?

jess profile image Jess Lee (she/her) ・1 min read


Looking back on your week, what was something you're proud of?

All wins count -- big or small πŸŽ‰

Examples of 'wins' include:

  • Getting a promotion!
  • Starting a new project
  • Fixing a tricky bug
  • Cleaning your house...or whatever else that may spark joy πŸ˜„


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Still melting away. Down to 208lbs now. I've been training really hard and consistently for almost 3 months now and it's definitely paid off.

Who knows, maybe I'll turn back into the Hulk LOL.


Congrats man! What app it's that?


I closed 5 incidents with one commit! It felt great to get so many issues addressed by actually fixing the design problems in our system. This brings the system basically to a stability point where we can shift to impactful enhancements.


Got out of my shell a bit and managed to be social.

max goof wave


Good work! Baby steps, baby steps. (I’m talking to myself...)


Got selected as a winner in a quick vue contest on Women who code Front End :) so I'll be featured in their #ApplaudHer section in their newsletter next week :D!


Nice! Congrats!


I was able to launch my portfolio website.
Would really love reviews if anyone can go through it.
It's Dillion Megida's Portfolio


Congratulation! πŸš€


Simple and plain. Loved your portfolio


Thanks a lot 😊


I met and hung out with some awesome people at OSCON!


You look like you're going to DROP FROM records WHERE hit = true.


So cool that you got to meet Scott Hanselman and the Microsoft crew. πŸ”₯


That picture includes several of my code heroes, not to fanboy too much πŸ˜†


I learned how to use Three.js with my partner! He is a 3D professional so this gives us a LOT of new opportunities! We learned the ins and outs of how to use it in web development.
He learned a whole lot this week, enough JavaScript (from scratch) to use THREE.js β€” how awesome is that? Hands down the win is so much more his than it is mine.

I also learned how to use basic NPM, TODO's in Atom, and some really cool JavaScript things I didn't know. I'm actually very glad that I got burnt out and mentally exhausted last week, after working on projects and studying non-stop for weeks. To me, it means that I've been working with all the processing power I can give, and that I really love these projects.


I’ve started my very first role as a software developer! Took me 4 years to get there but I did it! I’m so happy and grateful to the dev community! Thank you!!!


Hey! πŸ‘‹πŸΎ I follow you on Twitter but didn't see the news. Congrats! πŸŽ‰πŸΎπŸŽˆ


Thank you! Yes, I've finally made it after 5 years, which was basically trying to convince myself that I could do it. I still can't believe it!!!


Thank you so much! It’s awesome being a dev, finally after 4 years of training & learning!


Not sure if it counts.
Last weekend, I volunteered for WordCamp Ottawa,
where was held more than 500km far away from my home.
In there, I received a tons of Kudos. πŸ’
WordCamp Ottawa 2019 t-shirt


My first post on Dev got over 1024 views!





Congrats on your first post! πŸ”₯😎


I got a promotion πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰


Yessssss congrats! πŸŽ‰πŸΎπŸŽŠπŸŽˆ


I kind of cleared out my schedule so I have room to breathe πŸ™ƒ


I’m super happy right now, because I got my first job in the industry as a backend developer today.


Just started my first as a Frontend dev last Monday. Congrats! πŸΎπŸŽˆπŸŽ‰ Hope it's a successful couple of first weeks for you!


I have an initial technical screening phone interview on Tuesday! I feel like this role is a bit more advanced than my current developer skill set, but I was encouraged by another developer friend to apply and the company reached out to me today!


we successfully integrated our application to quickbooks online


This week, I.. finished redesigning the UI and the flow chart of the new system of a NPO i'm working with for Project: Website.

Started learning Vanilla JS too!


This week,

  1. I wrote my first dev.to article on Using toLocaleString on JavaScript Numbers

  2. I successfully completed my first Andela Learning Community 4.0 challenge, and also helped others to complete it too

  3. I finished the fullstack app I was building while reading Building APIs with Node.js by Caio Pereira



Hello :)
This week I did a lot of the React course from Maximilian. I think I will finish it in two weeks and after that the first app will start πŸ˜….

Thanks for ask, sometimes we focus on bad things and forget the good ones.

I wish you a fabulous weekend 😁


Maximillian is awesome! He has very good explanatory skills!


Completely agree, I'm enjoying too much the work he did and I think is because people like him we are getting better day by day.

Have a good day πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’»πŸ’»β˜•β˜•


Writing a wrapper class for a python module (which has many io bound methods). The wrapper allows us to use the module in an asynchronous way. Now we can execute the io bound methods in parallel coroutines.

The speed gain was even higher than expected. We saved roughly 75% of the time. πŸŽ‰


For once, I have a few of these.

  • Getting a PR accepted for something I'd forgotten about from over a year ago.
  • Upgrading my laptop to something a bit cooler (the new one is from 2011...) which involved cannibalising two others and stripping and rebuilding a seized fan.
  • Writing a set of scripts to automate switching environments between the disparate projects I work on at the office
  • Not needing to buy a new TV because the power button and remote broke, because I repurposed an old tablet with an IR blaster and linked it up to Alexa
  • Replacing Dropbox and Bitbucket as places to store some important stuff with a Syncthing network

These are all little things, but they all felt like proper wins.


I gave my two weeks notice on monday :D


Taking three months off to travel and then starting at a finance company. I've been doing mostly frontend web development for the past few years so I'm excited for how different it will be.


Encountered my first real head scratcher problem while learning Javascript! Still haven’t fixed the issue, but I’m definitely gaining skills in reading docs, asking the right questions, and researching Stack Overflow! Also excited because the project I’m working on is expressing that yes, I’m actually understanding Javascript.


I fell while running, but then I got back up and kept running! And I ran the next day! I didn't let the fall defeat me or change my behavior at all. (Although I am still a little scraped up and in a little pain)


After class a student told me that she really enjoys my lecture and that I teach really useful stuff.


I dusted my room (I sometimes regret having black furniture πŸ˜…) and one of my pull requests was accepted.


It's the little things πŸ˜„


My first conference talk was published!



Despite clearing some items on the emergency to-do list, I still have 6 more small apps due next month.

The win, however, is that I'm putting my foot down and going on vacation. There is always some emergency, always some reason to keep working. I can't even remember the last time I had a vacation I didn't work through.

Not this one. Not this time.

Ya'll have a good week and take care of yourselves. You deserve it. :)


Took a break from everything and rented a house out in the desert. The internet here is terrible and it's just what I needed. πŸ˜‚


I started implementing Kubernetes on my project and today I first ran my very first self-written Service and Pod with our new API-service.

Currently, we have a monolith PHP application on the Yii framework.
Since now - backend-developers will start rewriting its API-part to the Golang, while I'm investigating Kubernetes (on two EC2-servers with self-installed Kubernetes cluster now, but then will use AWS EKS for the project).


I implemented my first drag & drop with just html/CSS, and I have to say it's looking mighty fine πŸ’ͺ


Managed to land a Pull Request for an UI for crev, the project which might save us all from the increasing menace of crate/package injections.

crev tui

I'm more and more amazed at the ease of efficiently managing parallel computations in Rust without bugs. This UI is always responsive even while computing without busy threads or tick based refreshing.


Built a personal JS/node starter kit from a culmination of a few Pluralsight courses, and Devs at work liked it enough for it to get used for two in production apps!

Building them out now and get to lead both projects.

Didnt think my own micro framework would be used!


I managed to put code folding into my postman replacement Milkman. This is mentionable since it had to be implemented manually cause there is no such a component in Javafx world...


I've survived the week being scrum master for 4 teams...


Finished Bad Blood !!!

I guess a lot of people know about it especially who live in silicon valley but the way author explained #Theranos saga was totally amazing. Seriously this book mentions some incidents which leave me astonished.


Win against Azure Functions! They block MySQL connection but after days of debugging I won! πŸ’ͺ

and maybe next week I have a technical interview in awesome startup!


I got my team's app to actually load in Electron instead of a white screen, which was two days of banging my head against a wall...

I also reinforced some core concepts in React that I've been able to DO but never really UNDERSTOOD fully (binding and drilling down functions) and practiced CSS flexbox.

Aaaand I finally started putting out job applications!


This week I managed to get a React Native project to compile to native Android and iOS application install bundles thanks to expo.

This might not sound like much, but it's an important step in my evaluation of using it for development over Android and iOS native coding.


A few things!



I have successfully refactored my old code by implementing builder design pattern to construct a complex object with 15 parameters.


Fixed three bugs, started react training . .cleaned my table . .starts writing ..


Started a new Job this Week and just had my first Release!


Our video player can transition between videos without exiting fullscreen!


I really love the design of the website πŸ˜„
it might be better to add gifs instead of the pictures of the websites, or add links to the pictures as well, because I clicked on one expecting to redirect.
Great job!


I got my leg brace removed after 4 weeks stuck in it and was able to go work at the office instead working from home!


I released early access to my latest course "GraphQL from ground up" after months of working on it



Learning about data providers in php unit tests. Making my tests reusable.


Made it through my first week of work, then getting the onslaught of information and spinning up servers without dying of overwhelm. πŸ’ͺ🏾 πŸ’₯🌈


Win: Write my first ReactJS component.

Loss: Get disapointed trying to use state.