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More in Flow Designer, ServiceNow's Washington Release

Welcome back to our latest dive into the world of flows and the exciting upgrades that accompany the Washington release.
Over the past few days, I've delved deeper into more of these new features and enhancements, and let me tell you, it's been quite the fulfilling journey. Is there a term for falling head over heels in love with upgrades?? Because that's exactly how I feel!🥰♥️

From auto-saving in flows, to the integration of workflows and flow designer now seamlessly merged into one, plus, the cherry on top: the ability to leverage Gen AI in ServiceNow to assist in building flows, it’s like a dream come true! So let’s dive into more of these amazing functional upgrades within Flow Designer.🎬

One standout feature is the introduction of Try-Catch in flow diagramming. It’s a two-part illustration that allows you to try an action. For example, send a message/email to an application. Then it has an If condition, so if an error occurs (This is where error handling is taken to the next level!!) Log the error (catch block) then try again (using get back) within flow logic. ✨
**But, a word of caution: With great power comes great responsibility!!
While powerful tools like these offer incredible flexibility, it's essential to exercise caution and control loop iterations. ServiceNow provides safeguards, including a system property to set the maximum loop iterations, but vigilance is key.🔑

Another game-changer is the undo/redo option
🔁, which gives us better, safer editing.
When working on a particular flow, for example, If a trigger requirement has a condition error, there is an undo button that allows me to remove what I did. There’s also an auto-save now included in flow. Auto-save allows us to automatically save our flows in real time, and guess what? We can undo save if we, for some reason, save our flow accidentally.
With undo, we can also force save, which is an extra add-on button that allows us to forcefully save the flow.
For people like me who just like that sense of extra security when it comes to working on implementations in the platform, I’m definitely gonna be making use of the force save. 💪

🌟 Now, let’s get into my absolute favorite aspect of the Flow designer upgrades – the introduction of being able to build a flow with Now Assist Gen AI in ServiceNow. It’s an absolute game-changer! All you have to do is input a short description of what you’d like the flow to accomplish, and Now Assist will effortlessly generate a flow for you. It’s that seamless and easy! 😍😍
The description is sent to a ServiceNow training model. Yes, you heard that right – ServiceNow has a literal training model!! So, rest assured, our data remains within the platform. The training model then crafts a tailored flow based on your input.
Unfortunately, this feature isn't available on our PDI yet. You'll need to have now assist for creator enabled, and flow generator enabled to access it.

And lastly, let's not forget about the natural language support for conditions in flows. Whenever I input a condition, it provides a concise summary of what’s happening, enhancing clarity and ease of use. This feature is supported in both the default view and diagram view in flow designer. 📝🔍

Shout-out to ServiceNow for consistently delivering top-notch upgrades with each release. When they mean upgrade, they mean UPGRADE. With every new release, ServiceNow tries hard to improve performance enhancements. These enhancements not only benefit developers but also process owners, stakeholders, and anyone leveraging flows to automate processes on the platform.

So, what are you🫵🏾🫵🏾waiting for?? Dive into your PDI and experience these flow upgrades firsthand.
And always remember, #TheWorldWorksWithSERVICENOW.

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