What was your win this week?

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Looking back on your week -- what was something you're proud of?

All wins count -- big or small πŸŽ‰

Examples of 'wins' include:

  • Getting a promotion!
  • Starting a new project
  • Fixing a tricky bug
  • Knitting a sweater...or whatever else that may spark joy πŸ˜„


Happy Friday!


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Finally found some time to release the website I've been working on and boost it's traffic a little bit. It's essentially a database of Tech questions with the possibility to make quizzes on multiple topics and use an API to embed the questions on your websites - QuizAPI

It's so good to see the results of your work.


Just took the HTML quiz, great questions! It was fun too.


Thanks Josh! Really love the hear that people like it!


Congratulations! Good job! πŸ‘


Thanks! If you have checked the app I feel honered


Looks great so far πŸ™ŒπŸ‘


Good to hear! I do have a lot of stuff to improve but everything needs time!


Awesome, mate! Keep up the good work!


Thanks, I really try to!


Great work πŸ”₯. I like this πŸ‘, I'm already thinking of building a small mobile app that throws random questions at users from this πŸ”₯


Oh!! That sounds really cool, If you need any information about the App please let me know, will be happy to provide it.


Cool site! I like it )
How did you implement these points and lines that follow the cursor near the header? Wow It is very cool! I want to learn


This is amazing and really fun! I've also been working with the same idea on one project of our company's client and this is very well done.


Thank you for the great feedback! I hope the App gave you some inspirations for your project!


Love retros!

1) Joining DEV!
2) Helping kick-off the Grant for the Web Hackathon with DEV
3) Foraging for wild ramps
4) Judging youth made games for the Games for Change Student Challenge
5) Making it through the week!


Woot woot, that's a busy week! Welcome to DEV, btw! πŸ˜€


Thanks its been fun already and I am excited


I finally got started on my gopher presence, because I miss the old-school Internet:


Lynx or any other client.


Haven’t heard gopher in a long long time. 😎


Me too, and I miss it. BBS, Gopher, FTP, that's how I got started with the Internet in the early 90s. So I got myself this shell account with a gopher server a while back, but just let it idle until now. But today I took some time to actually put some content there, and it's nice: just a terminal and vi, no build process or any of that nonsense.

Might as well use telnet to check your email too. πŸ˜‰

Telnet? That's never gonna catch on, I'll stay with UUCP thank you very much.


Finally closed a 2-month-old GitHub issue in an open-source repo I maintain. Such a dopamine hit!


Closed an issue that was opened in my open-source repo. πŸ˜„
Also, started brainstorming about the new features that I need to have on my open-source project!


It was my cats' birthday earlier this week, so my wife & I bought and assembled a kitty tower for them.


That's Icarus there, having a moment!



Climbing higher into the sunlight?



Hopefully not too close! says his Daedalus. (Commence the groaning...)


Your cat looks cute. And the other cat is white? I also have 2 cats, black and white. I sometimes think of Kusturica's film "Black cat white cat" when I look at my cats. I also recently gave them a gift and bought them a big cat house. But to my regret, they prefer a closet and an empty box from the washing machine. I read in a blog about pets that this is normal behavior and cats can take a long time to get used to new things. By the way, do you know any interesting blogs about cats? I like this one petsoid.com/what-is-a-group-of-cat.... There's a lot of interesting information here that I didn't know before.


I passed my final project review and am now a Flatiron School Software Engineering graduate!


Got font awesome to work on my first portfolio website ever. Obviously the first icon I put on there was the DEV (fa-dev) one to link to my profile!


I completed Google Cloud Platform: Core Infrastructure course on Coursera! I thoroughly enjoyed all the assignments and Qwiklabs and got to know so much about the cloud.

Coursera certificate


Celebration dance


We had a bug report that 2 (seemingly random) users from all our company users were unable to get past the callback page for one of our internal apps.

Turns out their user group's time sync was off by 2 minutes, causing the tokens to be "created in the future" and invalidate themselves πŸ˜… It was one of the weirder bugs I've ever pieced together!


I finished migrating a bunch of database stuff, I'm glad that's over :]


Finally created a README for my open source project after weeks of putting it off πŸ˜…


I launched my personal website!

My favorite thing about it? The JavaScript bundle for the entire site is smaller than some libraries.


From this week, I have started documenting my Leetcode solutions for the Leetcode May challenge. Although it is now about the Leetcode May challenge, I am planning to write playbooks with trips and tricks for tackling different types of coding interview questions that are encountered frequently in the FAANG and other medium-sized companies.

This is also my first time blogging in dev.to platform.


1) Create anyenv-tfenv-init and resolve my shell environment issue!
2) I get started google colaboratory. I didn't know it. but it's very good and free environment to learn machine learning or statistics!


After spending the last 6 years in IT Support and Cyber Security I had an interview yesterday for a .NET Developer position in St. Louis. I was informed a few minutes after the interview that I got the job πŸ˜ƒ!

I have never professionally been a developer and only ever did it as a passion/hobby so a company taking a chance on me letting me finally do it professionally is definitely well appreciated. I'm happy that I finally get to do something I love!


Got my first bronze medal on Kaggle notebook.


Getting together with peers from covidtender.org to discuss an organisational structure.



  1. Quit smoking for half a day. :D
  2. Fending off negative influence from a bad guy previously wasting a lot of my time i.e. (I hate this but had to be done) choosing my friends.
  3. Forcing myself to proper medication schedule and practice Japanese every day.
  4. Got the vote permission on Stack Overflow despite being a coding anti-talent by correcting a mistake!

Getting my first PR merged into facebook/create-react-app. 😁


A few days late to the thread but who cares.
Launched my side project FocusHub, a Productivity Social Network.
If you want to take your productivity to the next level and work alongside like-minded people, it's the place to be :)


I drastically improve type-checking in Gwion, notably giving the hability to define template structures.
Also fixed a few bug I found with AFL.
Mostly spent time enjoying live 🍾.



  1. Got selected in Google Summer of Code under the Ceph Foundation.
  2. Started working on a new, long awaited, super interesting project! :D
  3. Had such a chill time on the Friday fun call with my awesome work peeps! <3
  4. Music found me again :)

I got a blog post published to the Twilio blog for the first time in nearly three years! I can't wait to keep exploring Crystal.



I got into an internship with a FinTech company. It's surprising that I got in, but didn't take it seriously. I had it in mind that the application wasn't legit. But it did work out and I'm glad.


Spending time with my son after fixing a lot of configuration issues and small bugs.


Finished the twilio hackathon πŸ’ͺ
I learnt a lot and am very proud of what I built. Thank you dev.to and twilio


A Pull Request I submitted to an open source project two months ago was just accepted!