What was your win this week?

Jess Lee (she/her) on August 30, 2019

πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹ Looking back on your week -- what was something you're proud of? All wins count -- big or small πŸŽ‰ Examples of 'wins' include: Getting a p... [Read Full]
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Developed and deployed Postwoman API request builder. Which went viral, now trending on GitHub.


This week, I coordinated with @mrisdal and @sarajchipps to make this happen:

Also, check out their org account:

stackoverflow image

Recorded my first youtube video!


And it was inspired by DEV! I was doing the daily code challenge (dev.to/thepracticaldev/daily-chall...), and just figured I'd record me doing it... so I think I'll do that for awhile, and see how I like it :)


This is awesome! I want to work up the courage to do this soon...


Thanks! I've done screencast / video coding tutorials before (just not on youtube), so I do have practice doing it :)

But yeah! It's funny how just talking into a microphone, while home all alone, can give you some type of "stage fright"...

Basically, the only advice I can give is just get started! It gets easier the more you do it πŸ˜€


I had my first post that surpassed 4096 views! Not much, but I went into it scared that I was gonna say all the wrong things, and came out with tons of validation and new perspectives. Super proud and looking to write some more ☺️


Please share tips. My total views is like 2000 for all post.


This week, I submitted 2 merged PR's to github.com/flexdinesh/typy and made a significant progress (50%, including unit tests πŸ”₯) on the second open-source JS library that I'm working on right now.

Both involved TypeScript so I learned more new tricks and I gained a deeper understanding on the usage of Regex so it's a huge win for me ☺️


Thanks Ben, and yup this was quite a week for me and it doesn't end yet, we have an incoming holiday on Monday (Malaysia FTW) so I have a lot of time to focus on my personal projects ☺️

Amazing, good luck!

USA has Monday off as well, what should I do? πŸ€”

The things that you enjoy doing which can be anything πŸ˜†


I got to meet a bunch of awesome people and interview them for my podcast.

I published one of those today! It was with Taylor Otwell, who created Laravel, it was really fun to talk with someone that had built such a prolific project.

I also had a chance to meet five or six other amazing developers this last week, and I'm really excited to share the stuff I learned from them πŸ˜ƒ


Taylor otwell is awesome. I really respect the guy even though I don't use Laravel.


I really enjoyed getting to know him.

It was also really fun to find out that he lives in Arkansas (where I live)!


I created my first Gatsby theme and published it on NPM as also my first package!

It's still a WIP but working through it to make a starter and make more themes!


I did this recently too! I'm going to follow your pattern and make a few based off of a starter theme, good idea!


I started working on a brand new book. In fact, it'll be a series of small easy to read books for JS developers! And I'm going self-published, so I'm really excited about this, I'll be sharing with the community as soon as I have news!


I submitted 3 abstracts to CodeMash, the first conference I've submitted abstracts to. I've spoken at 3 user groups and once a month at my job for the last year. We'll see what happens, but submitting is a huge win in its own right.


100% code coverage! Seriously, feels so good. Spent the whole week refactoring and writing out tricky unit tests.

GitHub logo SwagLyrics / SwagLyrics-For-Spotify

πŸ“ƒ Get lyrics of currently playing Spotify song so you don't sing along with the wrong ones and embarrass yourself later. Very fast.


Build Status Build Status PyPI GitHub closed issues Downloads

Fetches the currently playing song from Spotify on Windows, Linux and macOS and displays the lyrics in the command-line or in a browser tab Refreshes automatically when song changes. The lyrics are fetched from Genius Turns out Deezer already has this feature in-built but with swaglyrics, you can have it in Spotify as well.

I'm mainly trying to build this project as far as I can, for practice and to learn and work with more technologies and platforms.

Initially developed this for personal use. Pretty much functionality oriented -- I usually develop something that I can see helping me and other users in the same situation. Packaged so I can first hand handle production-ready code to an extent and to make distribution and usage easier.

Why SwagLyrics?

SwagLyrics is the fastest and the most accurate package for getting lyrics.1

Provided optimal internet, SwagLyrics can fetch lyrics for…

It's nice to be able to share something on here :D

This week, I was able to write 4 articles and had people reposting on Twitter while appreciating me 😭. It was a big win for a week. I plan to make the articles 5 before today runs out.

I also converted my website to Gatsby, would be globalizing it soon.


Rewrote a crappy search service from scratch. It's now using MariaDB's full text search so that it actually has some concept of relevance and sorts the results accordingly. The client was really pleased with the more accurate results.


I got a job! At Amazon. And this one, pretty close to my dream job. All that time practising DS/Algo problems online finally paid off.


Getting over 600 reactions on one of my articles, here on dev.to


This is the best Friday gif I've seen

I got unstuck with a Ruby gem/Rake error I was getting. I am so happy to be past that.


I had purchased 4 Echo dots which were sitting to be configured for weeks and finally hooked up them all throughout my home.


Consider an echo dot as a shower speaker (in the bathroom). I've been pretty happy with that set-up.


Learned MLπŸ€– basics with Python and created new DEV to post about Python🐍


I realized I hate the career trajectory I've been on and I want to get more deeply involved in open source and find a position where I have more freedom to be myself. And Chef is finally starting to make sense to me!


My win was definitely being allowed to work on open source packages during work time! It's very rewarding to be able to build something cool, get it fully tested and then share it with the world!


Declined meaningless meetings😠
It has needed courage, but productivity has increasedπŸ˜†


Well, I haven't and wont finish it soon, I am rewritting the code for my programming language: F.O.O.L
And I am making it so new keywords can have characters in other keywords without the system thinking about a part of the token, and with that Multi-Line Strings will be possible along with a few other things that were impossible with the original code format, though this code is very messy....


Created my first and official app

It's a note application with a reminder feature please feel free to download and give review thanks

Here is the GitHub feel free to dig in



I noticed this week that one of my codepen has reached 195 likes 🀯 and also I completed my first Node JS and VueJS project for a client, who seems to be very happy with the end result :') Couldn't ask for more


I finally got a server for one of my projects live! (normally being a front end android developer this is huge for me)


Realised that working on smaller silly or pointless projects occasionally can be a great stress relief! And that code != big projects with a reason to exist!


Slow week. Paid my sleep debt. Started reading Eloquent Ruby.


Wrapping up second vacation of the summer. Back to reality Tuesday.


I wrote a post about my story of becoming a developer after a Japanese language degree, becoming a firefighter, and then a nurse.

I've been a developer for about a year now, it's been a wild ride!


After a week of pushing pixels back and forth, I finally got to the point where the design for a site I'm building "clicked" and started coming together into a cohesive whole. Ready for the mountain of details I'll need to build -- the fun part.

At the house, I stripped 40 year old paint off of a 50 year old chest of drawers I'm refinishing for my kiddo. They want "black" as the color, so instead of painting, I'm going to ebonize the wood (chemistry is awesome).


I wrote my first article here and got more reactions than i expected so yeah i am just super happy about it :D


This week I hosted an event at Pluralsight Live called "Tech Insights" where I talked with 16 tech leaders over 3 days on a stage on the conference floor. It was my first time being at Pluralsight Live, and the first time ever doing anything like it. I planned for it well and put a lot of work into making it great, but was still a bit nervous.

It turned out the guests I had were totally awesome, they rocked it, and the feedback I've received from both the guests and audience members was overwhelmingly positive.

So I'm pretty happy with that win. Here's a Twitter Thread talking about it. It was really fun.


Wrote my first post here! My first time ever sharing knowledge "on the web". I wrote about Angular 8 and IE 11, something that I'm not familiar with.


So Impressive!!! Sometimes writing a blog is the best way to learn 😊


All my tasks flew through JIRA board like a breeze, without any single one ending up in Test Failed. QA complained I'm leaving them without work, lol.


Saying farewell to colleagues and choosing my leaving drinks date as I prepare for a new role in a new company in 2 weeks time!


The exponential increasing echo you once has on P2P voice connections without headset? So I've learnt how to cancel it. 😎


I bought a house! It was stressful and kind of an awful process but I moved in this week and now I fancy myself as an interior designer. The Pinterest rabbit hole is real ....


I learned about how to tame Node's require() function. So that it works the way I want.


I will host a internal Azure cloud training in my department successfully.

And it includes deployment and an overview of cloud computing.

Hopefully our developers will enhance their skills!



redesigned my job site front-end web app,
Teaching students how to read Excel files and manipulate it with Pandas


I started a new position and the last project I worked on made the nomination list for an award.


Discovered dev.to on twitter and started posting some of my blog articles on here. It's so nice to have site similar to medium aimed at our industry.


Launched my site, a theological based blog type thing. Self hosting using an old hp elitedesk, ubuntu, nginx, cloudflare w/ ghost as the platform.

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