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Lee Warrick

Front-end Developer at Realtruck.com, Organizer of Orlando’s Project Code Experience Meetup, Co-Host of the Tech Jr Podcast, and all-around Junior Developer Advocate.

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Bachelor's of Arts in Japanese Language


Co-host at Tech JR Podcast

Understanding Unix Permissions, chmod, and ls -la

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How much can a Front-end Developer learn about Machine Learning using only JavaScript?

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Just what is JAMstack, anyway?

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The Problem with React's Context API

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What are debounce and throttle functions, and how do you write them in JavaScript and React?

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Front-end Fisticuffs: Angular vs React vs Vue in 2019

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How to make menus with CSS—no JavaScript or Bootstrap required!

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An intro to testing with Gil Tayar

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Staying Sane while Organizing CSS

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Finding the Courage to Code

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Is talking with a recruiter as a junior dev worth it?

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Talking about Programming is Tough!

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How to Debug JavaScript Quickly

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The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Tech Podcast

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7 Bad Habits of a Successful Developer

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