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How I passed the AWS Certified Security - Specialty Exam

In an attempt to keep this somewhat brief, I'll only be listing details about my preparation for passing the AWS Certified Security - Specialty exam. I won't go into the services as there are plenty of resources out there that will list them AND provide links directly to the AWS white pages for those services (I will, however, include a few links at the end for those resources).

Prior Certifications:

  • AWS SAA (this certification helped significantly as it touched on almost every service covered in the Security exam, albeit, at a lesser depth)

Time Spent:

  • ~3 months of on and off studying

Preparation Resources:

Useful References:

I started my preparation by going through the Whizlabs video course and putting on the re:Invent and re:Inforce sessions in the background while I worked. I attended as many re:Invent security sessions as I possibly could and participated in all of the security Jams. I then went through the Whizlabs practice tests and the TD practice tests. To wrap up everything, I read through the study guide provided by TD. I think that all of the materials I went through were very useful for the exam - the TD eBook especially as it covered all of the services/domains and potential questions I would face on the exam.

Let me know your thoughts and if this was helpful!

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