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CS50 Web - Project 1

Hi from 2 months later! I finally got around to wrapping this project up, which is a clone of a simplified Wikipedia. I had loads of fun designing the baby blue-themed UI from scratch and implementing it using Django. Django was introduced in week 3's lecture and it wasn't nearly enough to make me feel comfortable building this project, which I did what I could with Googling.

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There were 7 main features of this website, my favorites included creating/editing a page, randomly displaying a page, and the search functionality. I struggled the most with the search feature to make it work just right because you also had to account for if a user just typed in a substring of the actual entry page name and showed them the search results regardless of the spelling typo.

The overall features of this project reminded me of the structure you would have for a blog, which includes the usual CRUD (create, read, update, delete), except this project's criteria didn't need to have the delete function.

Overall, this project was a good challenge as it took over 15 hours (roughly) for me to complete!

Here's a demo of the finished project with timestamps.

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