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CS50 Web - Project 2

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Second project with Django down ✅ This time around, I was tasked with building an auctions site where users could create listings, close listings, add to watchlist, bid on listings, and add comments, which was definitely a handful. I was initially pretty doubtful whether or not I'd be able to complete this since I've never done a full stack project with so many functionalities before, but I did it so yay.

Working with in Django has taught me the importance of separating functionalities, the more distinct the better. For example, originally I had the bidding functionality and the displaying bids both in the same function, but then after I separated them, Django got more clear on what each of them is supposed to do. One thing for one function at a time.

I also learned more about databases from Django models and what foreign key, one-to-one relationship, and many-to-many relationship means.

I'm really liking how hands-off these CS50 projects are so far. They don't tell you how to do something but give you what you need to do, which almost mimics real life.

You can check out the demo of the working app here

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