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Readership is important.

Yes, readership is very important.

Even if I try to purposefully make life difficult and you start skipping around...

The first few words are 100% readership, everything below those words have really low chance of being read compared to the top two words. Because I'm calling people out, they are prone to sticking around for a little bit... but eventually a lot of your readers will start to bounce around.

Everything beyond readership is important may not become as important to the eyes of the brilliant '' authors or casual readers, and sure it's not easy to read large paragraphs, why is this paragraph have zero periods, and it's longer than other things or sentences you could be reading.

What's the use, what's the point, time to scroll down....

Often I think people are very bored of everything and always expecting the blogger to write some perfect puzzle piece that fits their story like glue.

They always expect things to be more to the point, or more of something that isn't there. We are all lacking inner peace in these moments and that's fair.

It's okay to have bad days, and write shit emails.

I've misread a few emails in my days and said some stupid things. I regret those emails, and at the same time it felt great to hit send.

In those moments, I felt right. I don't regret hitting send, I do regret the aftermath of hitting send.

Readership is an important aspect to evaluation of your beautiful work.

Imagine how many people actually read the above bit, before jumping down to this bold text to get a clue. The word beautiful is click bait.

Sometimes people jump around when they get on a blog, expecting to find the ANSWER below, then read more from top then down to bottom again.

You; But how do you know if you're not tracking the data?
me; Oh relax.

If you start to lose people in your writing, like I'm trying to do above, you can start to lower your readership. Like this You; me; bit that isn't really setup at all.

*Sometimes bold text can bring them back to your point.... and sometimes it can be really annoying.

The goal of this blog is to explain that readership is a puzzle you can solve by being short, and if you need to be verbose, ensure it's the right audience. (paste that jibberish spagatti sauce it in a document, and push for a meeting to review the document)

IF you're ever upset before hitting a button, don't hit that button, wait for tomorrow and grab someone you love to review. If you dont want to send them, dont hit send.

Readership of your content, you desire it to be 100%, if you want it to be 100%, try to keep it really short, and don't get derailed.

Try to organize your ideas with bullets, bold text, and visual explanations is 10X better than text. is free, get after it.

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