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Pie charts...

Pie charts is always an interesting conversation (find poll here) and I believe a lot of people start off in a space where they hate it or love it. makes it easy to build/rebuilding visualizations and make subtle changes without breaking anything. Meaning it won't require any major support.

You can right click and copy/paste your dashboard back into your workbook or in a net new workbook. This operation automatically re-generates each visualization, allowing for re-engineering, re-design, and removes a need to rebuild it back into the dashboard.

This allows you to show someone a "bar chart" or a pie chart, or a donut chart. [Plus, given the latest updates offering the ability to collapse or hide a container allows you to offer this within a button. I enjoy using circles as buttons to open new charts for some strange reason. Then I re-use that circle style everywhere as to subtly teach people this is the sign for interacting and getting more charts. This allows for an entirely different usage of tableau, this kicks butt because you can add a feature without sweating about breaking anything stylistically speaking]

FYI: Right click duplicate on a dashboard... offers a different variation that is more focused on supporting your dashboard level formatting... Dashboard level formatting may not require a need for many visualizations to be re-built. Rebuilt viz's allow you to repurpose the chart without having to change the design formatting on the dashboard, which can be a large amount of work as you dig further into dashboard level "inner and outer" padding settings.

In most cases people ask for the donut chart when generating #visualizations in #tableau, however recently I built a pie chart for dimension with 5 values that tracked product feedback for a new product being released by a large CPG business.

After doing this I started realize how clean this pie chart is compared to the donut, the donut didn't look good when someone selected a slice which then filtered the entire dashboard by this slice.

Thanks for voting and explaining why you like or dislike a pie chart. I've always been a fan and believe it's more about what the end user needs to drive faster decisions. The entire reason people use the dashboard is to solve a problem, if the pie chart solves the problem, I don't feel obliged to give people a reasoning why a bar chart might work better. From my perspective no one cares about my granular opinion about pie charts and I'm sure they have heard it hundreds of times, this subtle observation allows me to re-focus on the client requirements and not my opinions on the chart. Tableau is too easy to get bent out of shape about which chart, rather find a workflow that allows you to demo your concept in the same meeting when you deliver your finalized pie chart. I explained how you can do this above in tableau.

Are there any interesting talks about pie charts in other circles like Qlik #qlik , #powerbi, #googledatastudio?

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I built a tableau consultancy 6 years ago.

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