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Consistent blogging.

Consistent blogging is important because it will help you surface your content ahead of other people's content. Once you've established your content online, you're going to want organic traffic. Hey, I am Tyler Garrett, my business LLC dev3lop is in austin texas. By adding austin, texas, I'm localizing my backlinks to my website dev3lop and telling you about how easy it is to beat people in local searches in the past 2-5 years.

If other competitors in Austin, Texas don't consider the same then I'll always rank a little higher, robots classify things, and rank you against your peers.

Blogging is easy, watch.

A lot of people ask me what I do for a living, what's your career? That's not what this story is about, however i use it as a story to explain how to blog to people who live around the entire world.

Consistent blogging gives me a chance to explain my technical depth in various articles. If I have a name badge, I can point at it and say "add .com"...

Tyler Garrett dot com, no spaces :)... This is a backlink, if you click that link, I will get data about it and I'll be able to publish the amount of people who click that link right below in a bar chart. It's pretty simple, you click that gosh darn link...

I love blogging because a lot of people follow me and read my content, maybe I'll share something that helps them gain freedom faster.

I really don't know why people are following me, maybe it's because I often say refreshing bs...

My content is about breaking free from FTE or building a side hustle.

Who follows my blogging?

People figuring out tech or eager to be an engineer.

Also, often software engineers who are massive geeks and may not speak english as first language,... I do my best to keep it really casual, light vocabulary and I hope that fits your reading pleasure today.

Often I write about random topics like how to quickly recover on a freelance call but lately I've been trying to be very casual about discussing digital marketing. Like on my person domain I discuss "blogging on" and here I am on talking about blogging.

Blogging about buzz words you good at is good!

Blogging about your favorite buzzwords is a good idea. I Worked at, it's a good idea to rank on tableau key terms so that I can appear in a ranking with others. Keywords or buzzwords or phrases are good to learn.

My backlinks in blogging are rad

Being rad is important yo. SO collect the coolest links online. Like NFT's or coins or whatever. You collect them and maybe in the future you sell them!

My LLC Service page BITLY address -
My LLC Service page Actual Address -
My LinkedIn -

Owning the links is important for linkedin and Bitly because now i will always have that much more power on these two objects, more than anyone in the world. I do all of my own SEO and Bitly is first come first serve. I'm lucky bitly offers this ability. They call it a custom shortlink. They help track that data for you, have an api, advanced features, and free plans. Same as linknedin! I'm lucky i'm able to do this on linkedin, it's a great accomplishment and a lot of people notice it more than anything. Also, think about a robot ranking me, it's merely a "good play"... same here... Good plays all day. That's SEO. A little digital game anyone can play, master, automate. Just have fun!

Check out these silly links above. Well hot dang they are a a bunch of beauties are they not?

I own those links, me, and I'm also ranking on the keywords "tableau consulting"...

That's how I present my resume to people above UPWORK's option that has thousands of people. A billion dollar valuation company, upwork is.... yoda talk sorry

It was INDEED and UPWORK owning this search phrase, and now it's me and a few other companies. Both billion dollar valuation once you do the research. So it's pretty dang cool how I can "acquire some beautiful hyper links" online and use that to generate money because I'm ... presenting my resume against anyone else who wants to play this game with me...

Because I'm in tech, I'm a lot like you, I deflect and aggregate experiences with a hefty title, or portfolio that people don't wanna consume unless you pay them. (even then I find people don't read resumes, even when it's their job to read a resume)

Titles are questioned, easy to question, like a hipster questions their organic meals. "Right, but how organic is this milk? Do you know the cows name?" Waiter be like, "ah f**k this dude."

Learning to blog about you, and your thoughts, is the first step to blogging.

It's not because I can't explain what I do for a living. It's more about me not wanting to explain what I do beyond what I say in the beginning. (Notice how I'm creating a story, and also I take a really suboptimal way of explaining everything, if you think you can write better stories then you're going to be much better at blogging than me, i always tend to write a little contrarian "a person who opposes or rejects popular opinion, especially in stock exchange dealing" OR opposing or rejecting popular opinion; going against current practice. i find this creates content that's easier to read than normal bs. you be you is what im getting at here, and this is merely a picture of how you could write)

This is a pet peeve, repeating myself, and blogging is a solution to repeating myself in most cases.

There's this strange urge that I have, an urgency not to repeat myself, and you have to realize everyone has questions. My career is a rabbit hole of information. My resume is even worse. No one wants to read my resume, unless they want to hire me for a lot of cash. Even then, most people will not read my resume.

Buzzwords rule tech, and blogging.

IT people have a way of throwing buzzwords around and that is often due to their vocabulary being vastly different. We all have a great ideas of what we do, however how often are you explaining yourself to an audience?

If you've never blogged before, I recommend you give it a shot today, and try out,,, and to get access to a free subdomain OR blogging product, which allows blogging. And in most cases it's unlimited.

Similar to this domain, which allows blogging, within the domain name itself.

Blogging gives me a chance to be able to stop deflecting and start trying to explain what I'm thinking. Notice I try, that's the difficult part, trying...

It also forces me to write less advanced because I have a custom algorithm that looks at my content and tells me whether it's complicated or easy to read.

The easier my content is to read, the longer people stay and read the content, and if it's complicated like this sentence is starting to become, well then people start bouncing and if I just add a few sentences here, I would have done better, however complex sentences happen and because of my algorithms - i'm learning to write better.

More than anything, I'm learning that consistency pays off in the eyes of robots. Robots don't know if you're writing good content or bad content, but they do know if it's unique and they can classify it with algorithms!

As you continue to write, ranking (organic traffic) robots will start to bump all of your content up in ranking, you're generating interlinks, you're talking about the other blogs in each blog, and as you continue to grow the blog - all blogs will get more traffic.

If you want to see the data, or understand the method to this madness, feel free to follow along or dm me on twitter!

If you don't read it, that's okay, here's the high level. Robots see you're writing. They know this will engage people more than websites who don't generate new content. The link on 'method to this madness' has data screenshots and literal research/docs that may be a better read for those needing 'trust' auth.

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If you found this blog beneficial or enjoy my writing style, give me a shout on whatever social platform you dig the most.

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PS Did anyone check how many times I said the word blogging. I know it's far out, but this is a way of adding keywords to my content. In the headers it says Blogging, I'm saying blogging now. This is how you rank things on search engines yo. SO get started. The more things you rank on, the more traffic you get, and maybe you're not always hitting kick ass blogs out of the park, however in time you'll learn what works.. Like writing a blog on medium to talk about your blog on Yes that, and the anchor text might say blogging? Yes....

Lastly, Have fun. Hit edit, and edit it... And remember if you blog with people, you'll get two times more links won't you? Backlinks... Little hyper link juice points. That's right, just backlink to your stuff in your articles about your stuff and yourself and then SHARE THAT STUFF with your mom, dad, okay maybe not them hehehe great... Uh maybe share that with some friend who thinks you're smart.

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