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What domain registrar do you use?

itsasine profile image ItsASine (Kayla) ・1 min read

Since .dev domains are a hot topic right now, what site do you buy your domains through?

I normally bought through Hover, but Gandi was allowing preregistering for .dev so I got one through them. Then Google Domains looked enticing to move everything to... As far as I can see, everyone does Whois Privacy these days, so I have no need to be tied to Hover other than their awesome UI.

Some hype about .dev:

(I'm at least hyped about .dev)

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Glenn Carremans

I normally use Versio because they have one of the lowest pricing for .be domains. Unfortunately they don't sell .dev so I chose Namecheap but had a very weird experience the day after my purchase:

I hope that Cloudflare will support domain registration soon, and not only transfer.

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Pritesh Usadadiya

my go to domain provider is namesilo . No extra fees. cheapest prices possible and WHO is privacy included. And a big +1 for Nice and clean UI.

Unfortunately, they don't sell .dev :(

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namesilo is now selling .dev!

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Dane Hillard

I have quite a hodgepodge—Most of my domains are on AWS, some are on Google, and a few were on Namecheap or for a while. I tend to use what jibes best with the infra I'm going to put a website on, I guess!

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Itachi Uchiha

I'm using alastyr for 5 years. They are really kind and their support team really helpful.

But I can not say the same thing for pricing policy. Because their policy related to the dollar's value.

Nowadays, in Turkey 1 Turkish Lira = 5.40 dollars.

So, it's so expensive for us.

If I want to buy a new domain now, I have to spend 43,08 Turkish Liras. In Turkey, the minimum wage of 2.020 Turkish Liras. Most times people don't want to buy a new domain because of so expensive.

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Joe Mainwaring

Right now my primary registrar is Namecheap, but I do have a couple on Godaddy that I couldn't buy/transfer to namecheap when I picked them up.

I like Namecheap, but if I found a registrar who could deliver a better mobile experience, I'd likely switch.

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Ian Knighton

I've been using Hover for years. Mostly because they support a lot of the podcasts I listen to, but also because I like that they include domain privacy and when I've needed to transfer domains around it has been relatively painless.

After an issue with me deleting my MX records while they happened to be down for maintenance, I've started using CloudFlare to handle my DNS records instead of Hover.

If you're interested in checking them out...maybe use this link since it will help me cover my domain addiction. Lol.

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ItsASine (Kayla) Author

I've started using Netlify for DNS so they can renew Let's Encrypt for me, which is kind of why I'm wondering why I bother staying tied with everything in Hover anymore and am interested in all the options available. So you can't nab me for Hover, since I'm already there ;)

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ItsASine (Kayla) Author

That's one I've never heard of! They look great :D

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Kevin Morales

I think Namecheap is the most popular or the best, I use it

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Ben Halpern

I use it to for personal domains. It’s solid and simple.

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I bought through Google Domains, but the rest of mine are through BigScoots.

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Michiel Hendriks

I've been with for years now. They might not be the cheapest, but they provide a good DNS and whois privacy included in the domain.

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ItsASine (Kayla) Author

I was impressed that they included 2 mailboxes as well. They may be like $4-$5 per year more expensive, but it seems most places charge at least $5/yr just for mail forwarding let alone a small mailbox (more like $20+/yr). Or how Google makes you sign up for GSuite for Business ($5/user/month) just to have a proper mailbox (free forwarding though).

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Ross Henderson

I got my .dev from Google Domains. Easy to set up and cheap. For more professional websites, I think I'd look into other sites that people are mentioning here.

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John Bull

I have been using Namecheep and have been happy with it, then I set up cloudflare ssl and caching and Bob's your uncle.

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Nick Taylor (he/him) Does the job and has decent prices.

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Stephanie Handsteiner

I usually register mine through inwx.

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Here is a list of the .dev domain costs with different domain registrars - renewals + first time payments.

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