Go get your .dev domain!

david_ojeda profile image David Ojeda ใƒป1 min read

As of today, the Top Level Domain (TLD) .dev is available at a reasonable price. Go get yours! ๐Ÿค“

Along with the coolness of having your business, personal page, side-project or portfolio on a .dev domain, it also offers built-in security. That is, HTTPS is enforced for all connections to your .dev site.

I just bought mine for like 15 USD/year- davidojeda.dev. Right now it only redirects to my personal page currently hosted at davidojeda.mx, but will make the .dev domain the main one!

Have you bought one yet?


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I bought my last name .dev so I could make my resume/Linkedin email kayla@lastname.dev (I tried going for kayla.dev but someone bought it early in the EAP when the fee was $350... I'm not paying hundreds for a vanity URL)

Half tempted to get some other combos of my names/screennames, but for now I'm sticking with my fancy email :)


Nice idea. Unfortunately my lastname is already taken.

But "lastname.dev" is available. As well as "mylastname.dev"

I wonder if someone was to register those, and just watch for misdirected emails, would that result in any? I can picture someone at a office somewhere, telling a colleague, just send me a mail at "Steve at my last name dot dev" and someone using that literally.


I have notareal.email and I see all sorts of emails people think go nowhere.


I'm thinking .dev will be enough of a niche domain that it wouldn't happen that often, though I'd make use of a generic catch-all mailbox like anything not admin forward to admin@lastname.dev to make sure I'd get to see those emails :)


Nice one! Email looks great!

Yeah, also tried for david.dev, but got bought at an insane price.


Got mine as well the minute they became available. Protip, Porkbun.com is the cheapest registrar i could find for .dev, simply connecting it to a free cloudflare account costs me a total of $11,80 with great options thanks to cloudflare!


Great tip!

I wanted to go with Google Domains because it was cheaper for me and the process was cleaner/simpler, but you need an international credit card ๐Ÿ˜•


The pricing on these seems all over the place, like the more "common" the term is the more you're going to pay.

The good news is that for uncommon terms they're actually inexpensive in relative terms.


Went through the link, bought a .co.uk domain. I'm a domain addict. This needs to stop.


This. Worse still, I keep renewing them thinking I'll use it one day...


Hello, my name is Pav.
Hello Pav
I haven't bought a domain in 24 hours.


Got niorad, a13c and lids.dev as alternative Domain for devlids.com, after some back and forth with Ionos 1&1. (had to order twice)


That's awesome. I'll get my own once I spin up my vps ๐Ÿ˜.