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did you get your .dev domain?

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I remember the day that all my internal .dev domains on my laptop no longer worked... I was pretty mad 😡. It was due to the fact that google decided to swipe of the .dev extension as on official top level domain. You can read more about it here! [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.dev]

Although it does suck that we can't use .dev for development anymore locally, it is kind of cool 😎 that we have an official developer top level domain! So I’m officially the owner for DeChamp.dev 😁 🎉. It’s my middle name and my user handle.

Did you grab yours yet? Get them before someone grabs yours!


Share you're below! Just make sure you actually have them confirmed before you do, just so no bad guys swipe em lol.

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Just a coder and a dad. I love my family and I love to code!!!! started coding at 11, so I have 25 years under my belt. Still love learning about it every day. Follow me on instagram @codeFiend


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I lost out on kayla.dev when it was still $350 fee during EAP, but I got my lastname.dev so my resume/LinkedIn can point to kayla@lastname.dev as my very sexy email address. I'll probably move my online resume over to it and force it to redirect traffic to kayla.lastname.dev to see it since lastname.dev is boring.

I also today bought itsasine.dev though I only set it up to forward all email to itsasine.me for now. I'll move things over to it as a weekend project someday. Since someone has itsasine.com, I didn't want to take chances on the .dev :)


that is brilliant! I should have did that for mine! dechamp or me@dechamp.com is a little lame. :/


Had I gotten kayla.dev, that's likely what I would have done :) I may still do me@itsasine.dev since I can't come up with anything clever for my screenname.


I waded through the hours of wait between failed registration and wound up with a [first][MI][last].dev before I thought to look at [last].dev too. I am using mine as a resume via github pages, and a javascript generator that takes a data.js file so that I don't have to work on the resume directly ever again.


Does your data.js follow resume.json standards? The project hasn't really picked up steam, but I've been (slowly) working on my own resume.json to try to help support the standard. And, like you said, I don't want to work on the webpage itself ever again haha


My resume is really boring and formatted weird. Need an upgrade and it looks like resume.json is the answer. Thanks for the tip.


I've not heard of that before, but while I was building up from scratch I learned quickly that json itself isn't great for vanilla JS. I'll take a look, and see if it fits. Thanks.


I love this idea! I hope it's ok that I borrow the idea for myself.


Love this. I did a fork, very cool. I think I want to do one in Markdown.


I did not. Some other James got it. Gutted.


bugger, that sucks! lol. Maybe a nickname?


I considered it, but I already have jsrn.net, so I feel like moving to jsrn.dev would be sorta lateral.

Oh well!


I got my .dev domain. Still trying to figure out what I'll use it for.


Sweet! Congrats! what did you go with? I think I'm going to do a personal page. Nothing fancy, just a pic of myself and family and a brief description and then some links to my stuff.


Just my name. jasoneverett.dev
I might just post my resume on there.


tiffany.dev was available two seconds before I went to buy it. So I went with tiffanywhite.dev and hosted my resume there before I switched it to be my blog.


Yes i did!. I actually bought two one for me and other one for my personal blog.


Just got mine! I set it up to forward to my existing domain though so maybe I should just switch it over.


congrats! Be mindful of seo if you switch (if you are worried current traffic that is).


Thanks for the reminder, I just got pskirko.dev. My blog is on my .com, but maybe .dev will be for statically-hosted web mini-projects or something.


I just purchased a .dev domain ( pkamat.dev ) and redirected to my main domain ( pkamat.com ) ... Should I inverse it and make the .dev my primary? Just can't seem to decide ¯_(ツ)_/¯


That’s a hard one but I feel like most people still think .com by default or if that is no longer the case.


Yup. Just bought it. Thanks for the reminder.