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Working on Telescope issues

Different from what I have planned first, I contributed on two different projects, Telescope, and instant-apps

For the first issue I picked, I found the bug in a previous release, which I worked on a mobile UI. The title container is overflowing when scrolling. Screen record of the issue is also in the issue page. I was stuck because of that issue and was trying to find out the cause, but failed in Release 0.3.

However, I noticed that the issue was not only existing in my branch, it was also existing in the main branch. So I decided to file an issue as a bug so that I can work on this as a follow up.

After several tries with changing margin, padding and overflow settings in different properties, I finally got to make it work after adding overflowY as hidden in titleContainer.

The fixes are in this PR.

An issue for enhancement, which is a new feature, I decided to work on adding the metronome player to the instant-apps.
Instant app is a search engine that would bring the small apps when searching a certain keywords.

As my first contribution, I worked on adding a metronome app to the project.
Since I have an experience adding an external API for react application, I decided to work on this new feature that could be shown when searching for "metronome", "play bpm", "bpm", and etc.
For the project, I aggregated an external API.
The changes are in this PR.

More issues are still in progress, which I will continue to work on.

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