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Release 0.4 - Unfinished, but to be continued.

My Release 0.4 is still not finished but will be continued after.
I was not able to get the PR reviewed since I opened very late. Since I started late, everything was delayed. And installing pnpm on macbook(M1) did not work either.
After a few tries, I had to borrow a windows machine from my friend so that I can work with pnpm.
It still has error when I try to run the whole program using pnpm start, however I was able to run the front-end of the application using "pnpm dev" command.
The fix I have pushed is yet a single small one, however I will try to fix the environment error and resume working on the other issues that has been assigned to me.

It is still remaining unfinished, but throughout the course, it was a great opportunity to learn about opensources, and contributing to other projects.
Development, sure, need a coding knowledge background, but that is not everything. Outside of the coding skills, I was able to gain knowledges that would be a huge gain.

Development is a continuous progression, not an one-time event. Open source development is something that allows developers to find their potential to DO.
It was a great pleasure working with the open sources.

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