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[Release0.3]Code Reviews

As a part of Release0.3, I reviewed two internal PRs opened by other students.

First code review was a documentation update for IPC144. It was made by Antonio Bennett.I looked for other documentations in the repo, and the documentation guide that was created as an issue. It was first time reviewing the documentation and following documentation convention of the whole project is very important for the readers and contributors. I reviewed and comment in the PR, and it seems like the updates were looking good. While I was reviewing the code, I had one curiosity in the styling and commented those and got answered.

Second code review was a similar change with the first one, but it seems like it had more tables and I commented about the styling of the documentation. Because it had a lot of tables and list in the document, it supposed to have unified design for all of the content, while it has little more work left to do on those. First part of the documentation was having all of its content aligned left, while other contents are centred. And I looked for other documentation that has tables, and the styling seemed it does not match with other documentation.

Since it was my first time doing the code reviews for the project that was not written by me, it was very interesting and got study the code and other conventions of the project by reading some documentation of the project. To do a proper code review, I should know what is the issue correctly, and what should be a good change.

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