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External PR for Release 0.3

For the external issue, I chose badge-generator which I was able to find in one of the colleague's blog post. It was created with Vue, and I had zero insight on the framework. I first had to research on the framework and understand the syntax, and how it is applied in the code. You can find the issue here.
There were a few components that are needed to be modified in the project. The owner of the project wanted to have all of the tabs to have the html and markdown selection persisted for one single toggle.

I first had to debug to find out what it does when toggled the switch. It took me the longest time in the whole work. After I find out which action is called when the switch is toggled, I was able to persist the selection by adding an Object in store class. The progress and the changes are in this
I still have to work on this more to improve the feature.

Open source development to me, is more than just a coding or testing. This is a mixture of cooperation and individual work and on top of that, it is the most relevant on how to communicate properly when collaborating .
Through my six terms of school works, I learned how to code in different languages, In my co-op experiences, I learned how to collaborate. And in this course, open source development, now I am learning how to communicate and work on a same project with different perspectives properly.

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