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Ian Rathbone
Ian Rathbone

Posted on

Sunday Review (2019-04-07)

Witty Title!

It's been a very long ride this week with some challenging projects at work and at home. I've warmed to the Scrum Master role and had a couple of good planning sessions and helped out with impediments the team have faced.

I'm still putting together a strong Web API project in NETCore 2.2 using features like Health Checks. Once we create more applications with this feature I'm going to look into getting a dashboard along the lines of this on Github that even has a Docker Image.

I'm also still finding excellent little time savers in the documentation such as Web API Conventions that helps with your Open API documentation while keeping the code clean.

We’ve been trying more incremental feature based pull requests which is also getting great early feedback.


Continuing down the Pluralsight Scrum Framework path I've completed a few more courses from Jeremy Jarrell. The path is a mix focus on the Product Owner and Scrum master roles which has been useful to see both sides of the framework. It's certainly helped with my current role of Scrum master and changed the way I've been getting the team to do standups this week. We also ended up with a mid sprint (re) plan because there were some shifts to priorities.

Also switched back to the Python Path and started the Python Developer's toolkit which (as the name states) focuses on tools like debugging and code cleanup.

The News

Each week I'll post a few links that I've found the most interesting from technology blogs, reddit and other parts of the Internet.

The biggest .NET related news of this week was the release of Visual Studio 2019 which I've been using in preview for a few months now. Microsoft have released a nice 'keynote' video promoting the release at “Not your average keynote”.

Check out some other articles I've found interesting below:

Technology / General

.NET / Azure

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