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Microsoft Ignite News Overload FOMO HELP

Microsoft hold a lot of great events throughout the year and the first major one of these is Ignite.

When it comes down to the target audience let's be honest, this event is less focussed on developers and more on the IT Crowd, decision makers, business intelligence and the growing field of citizen developers.

However! If you're a curious developer you'll notice that there is a lot of really interesting things littered throughout the event that could mean quite a lot either now or in the near future.

But how do we find out what these are without loading up a virtual backpack and attending all of the events?

Don't worry - it's pretty much all available in the book of news!

Microsoft Ignite Book of News 2021

I hope Microsoft promote this site more in the future for their events as it's becoming a really well presented site, with a well thought out table of contents that help you find out everything that was announced at the show.

The highlights for me are in the first section and especially 1.4 - Azure Dev and Ecosystem.

  • Azure Communication Services - one to watch! My devs are used to using Twilio for tasks like SMS, but now we can stay in the Azure ecosystem - which is also great for the billing bods!
  • .NET Upgrade Assistant - we still have a few, more complex apps we haven't made the jump to Core on just yet. So now this is in preview we may give it a spin before the .NET 6 version appears, just so we get an idea of what suggestions we get.

There's other really cool news in this section too, and depending on your role and interests I'm sure you'll find some!

Looking to the future - the biggest news was definitely Mesh and the increasing investment / push Microsoft is putting into mixed reality and Hololens. While I remain sceptical, they certainly put on a good show and I look forward to seeing more practical uses of the system.

There's no way to look cool while trying to operate a HoloLens 🤠

In the meantime I'll be sticking with our choice of remote interactivity in Microsoft Teams, which has been excellent during the pandemic and looks to continue as we move into a new future of remote working for our dev teams!

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