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Sunday Review (2019-05-19)

Euro Vision

This week's post-Eurovision write up of the week is brought to you by a slightly delicate head.

So I'm skipping the formalities and going straight into what I've been up to on the learning front - which is mainly about seeing Jon Skeet (and his amazing trousers) this week!


I was very excited about going to Developer South Coast this week at Southampton. They've been going for years and have had some of the best speakers present lots of .NET based technology.

This week we were fortunate to have the great Jon Skeet in to talk about C# and where it's headed in version 8. He spent an engaging first hour talking about the new Nullability work that has been put in to this version and how he's been approaching it in the open source community by supporting it in his NodaTime library.

His biggest takeaway (on the Nullability support) is that the open source community does need to embrace this feature to make it useful for developers everywhere. It has to be from the ground up otherwise it's not going to gain the traction it needs.

We also looked at pattern matching and what they'll mean for switch statements. Which look like they're going to take a little bit of time to get my head around as they read very differently to what I'm used to, however it's a good step.

Finally we took a very quick look at the new Async options including... IAsyncEnumerablewhich I absolutely love the idea of!

Otherwise, setting myself a target of getting through some learning each week was eventually going to have the odd break here and there. I've not done any of the Role IQ tests as it's been a busier week, but I did start the Docker Deep Dive as I want to understand it better. Also Nigel Poulton has to be one of the most enthusiastic speakers I've heard on Pluralsight!

The News

Each week I'll post a few links that I've found the most interesting from technology blogs, Reddit and other parts of the Internet.

Couple of articles I found really useful this week were Why WebAssembly Matters and the difference between Azure Application Gateway Load Balancer Front Door and Firewall.

Check out some other articles I've found interesting below:

Technology / General


.NET / Azure

Have a great week!

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