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Hung Vu
Hung Vu

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What are the pain points of your beloved tech stack?

I'm into web development so TypeScript / JavaScript are parts of my stack. I also prefer TypeScript due to its typing system. Here are the problems.

  1. Compatibility issues:

    • Every now and then, an error will pop up because the library does not fully support TypeScript.
    • ES version is also an issue, some libraries only support ES5, some ES6, and so on. This sometimes makes such a trivial task like import become a pain.
  2. Transpiling issues:

    • Although most of the tasks are handled by bundled cli like create-react-app, many times I spent hours just to figure out why my jest tests fails as it could not run on this 1% TypeScript code. Certainly, this problem not limited to jest though.

Be it a framework, a library, a programming language, etc. What are the pain points of your beloved technology?

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Tarwat Uddin

Definitely for me using Next.js with other React libraries. For instance, when I use the React component library MUI with Next.js, sometimes there are issues with trying to use them together since there's a lack of documentation out there to cover such use-cases.

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Jeremy Friesen

Ruby on Rails is my tech stack of choice. And at this point my major pain point is that server end points are mapped to controller methods. I'd love first class objects for each method. But that's manageable.