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Hung Vu
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🌱 How to ask the right questions?

When you are joining a discussion for the purpose of elicitation, be it an interview, a daily work conversation, and so on. To make the discussion as productive as possible:

  • How can you decide what questions to ask?
  • How can you find the right people to ask?
  • How can you decide the right moment to ask?

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Jessica Veit

I always like to dig a little deeper with Why? just like when doing a Root Cause Analysis. When you know why something is, you know what other questions are relevant to ask 😉

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Jeremy Friesen

A great question/non-question is "Tell me more about that!" This is a means of encouraging the speaker to dig a little deeper; and may begin leading to more natural questions.

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Hung Vu

Great point! I also use this as an one trick to continue the flow of conversation. If I don't have a plan before hand, then this is a passive/natural way to create questions.

That said, I'm still learning to become more active in a discussion. Let's say I'm going to meet a client to discuss product feature, or going to a job interview and trying to learn more about the company, how should I ask the questions?

I believe there is no one-way-fit-all solution (e.g., you cannot always ask the same question), but I wonder if there exists some sort of framework, or mindset that helps me approach these situations (like STAR interview method).