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Top Python Posts from August 12 week

Hi! I'm Vicente, your friendly Filipino mod for the python tag. Today, is another episode of the Top Python Posts of the week!

Hope you'll follow along!

1.) Get an SMS when your favorite Twitcher is streaming in 30 lines of Python

The specifications are simple: we want to receive an SMS as soon as a specific Twitcher is live streaming. We want to know when this person is going live and when they leave streaming. We want this whole thing to run by itself, all day long.

2.) PyTorch Hello World

In neural networks primer, we saw how to manually calculate the forward and back propagation for a trivial network consisting of one input neuron, one hidden neuron, and one output neuron:

3.) Essential Python Tips And Tricks For Python Developer

Python is having shorthand statements and shorthand operators. These things will help you write more logic with less number of statements.

4.) Learning Python from Scratch: Dictionaries


✔ Warm up/Catch up with chat, use !mark and !note in chat
✔ Recap from last episode
✔ Updates for next week
✔ Learn about Dictionaries in Python
✔ Stretch/break
✔ Closing and raid @CodeRushed

5.) Infinite scroll with Django

  • Step 1: Creating our model
  • Step 2: Creating our view
  • Step 3: URL Configuration
  • Step 4: Waypoints JS and Template

See you again next week!

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