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9-Nodejs Course 2023: Application Encapsulation

Now everything looks pretty good in our router file, but the index file is a total mess, so let's encapsulate it.


Create a new file in src/core and name it application.ts

// src/core/application.ts

import Fastify from "fastify";
import router from "./router";

export default async function startApplication() {
  const server = Fastify();


  try {
    // 👇🏻 We can use the url of the server
    const address = await server.listen({ port: 3000 });

    console.log(`Start browsing using ${address}`);
  } catch (err) {
    process.exit(1); // stop the process, exit with error
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All what we did here is we moved the code from the index file into the application file, the code is now more easier to maintain specially when the application goes bigger.

Now we can use startApplication function in our index.ts file.

// src/index.ts

import startApplication from "./core/application";

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In our next lesson we will start working on the application logic itself and how we can map our routes with its own handlers (Controllers).

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