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48-Nodejs Course 2023: Database Models: Custom Data Casting: Encrypted Password

Custom Casts

Now let's talk about custom casts, what if we want to cast a value to a custom type, for example, we want to cast the password value.

Let's make a folder called casts in the src/core/database/casts folder and create cast-password.ts file.

We need to generate a make a password generated and to be solid, we will use Password Hash Generator And Verifier to achieve this easily.

Let's install it

yarn add @mongez/password
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Now let's create the cast-password.ts file

// src/core/database/casts/cast-password.ts
import { hash } from '@mongez/password';

 * Cast password
export default function castPassword(
  columnName: string,
  value: any
) {
  return hash(value, 15); // second argument is the salt
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Now let's update the User model to use this cast

// src/app/users/models/user.ts
import { Model } from "core/database";
import castPassword from "core/database/casts/cast-password";
import { Casts, Document } from "core/database/model/types";

export default class User extends Model {
   * Collection name
  public static collectionName = "users";

   * {@inheritDoc}
  public defaultValue: Document = {
    isActive: true,
    isEmailVerified: false,
    isPhoneVerified: false,

  protected casts: Casts = {
    isActive: "boolean",
    isPhoneVerified: "boolean",
    joinDate: "date",
    password: castPassword,
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Now let's try to create a new user

// src/app/users/routes.ts
import User from './models/user';

const user = new User({
  name: 'Hassan',
  password: '123456',


consol.log(; // { name: 'Hassan', password: '$2b$23$...' }
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And that's it!

🎨 Conclusion

In this lesson, we learned how to create custom casts, and we created a custom cast for the password value.

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