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🔦 Community Spotlight - Building Parexellence, an eCommerce Website🔦

Highlighting projects from the Appwrite community


With Appwrite’s developer community growing significantly, we want to take the time to appreciate and showcase some amazing applications built by our community.

This month, we’d like to give the spotlight to Jibril, who built a successful app called Parexellence Prints Website. Let’s get started by interviewing them to learn more about their project and journey.

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Tell us more about who you are

My name is Jibril Mohamod and I am a self-taught software developer who specializes in frontend development with Vue 3. I currently work at Parexellence, a startup in Kenya. In my free time, I enjoy watching anime and practicing martial arts. My goal is to continue learning and growing as a developer and one day start my own software development company. You can find me on Twitter @MohamodJibril

What is the name of the project you built?

Parexellence Prints Website

Why did you decide to build this? What inspired you?

I built this website to speed up and automate the process of ordering print products.

What is the Parexellence Prints Website?

It is a web-to-print eCommerce website that users can order print products through.

What technologies did you use to create it and how did you use each technology?

The website is built using Vue.js as the frontend, strapi.js as the CMS, and appwrite as the backend.

Who is your target audience and how will it help them to learn more about your project?

My target audience is anyone who wants to buy print products and is located in Kenya.
As Parexellence we aim to cut out the middle-men that exist currently in the print business , hence our rates are cheaper and more affordable.

What issues did you run into while building this project and how did you solve them?

The biggest challenge I faced building the project was adding an SSL certificate to my Appwrite instance, in the end I managed to solve it with help from community members in the Appwrite discord channel.

How did Appwrite help your project?

Appwrite was a God-sent solution, discovered it accidentally and loved it. Currently using it for authentication and order tracking.

What are a couple of things you wish you knew before starting the project?

None. The Appwrite documentation was comprehensive and covered everything needed to get up and running with Appwrite.

Anything else you'd like to share?

I would love to congratulate the Appwrite team on a job well done. In the future I would love to contribute to the Appwrite project in any way I can.

Where can others find your app?

Link to the website -

Please share screenshots of your project

Mobile app:

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Vincent Ge

This project looks amazing!!! How long have they been working on it?

What are you learning?

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