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🔦 Community Spotlight - Building a Mangas App with Appwrite🔦

Highlighting projects from the Appwrite community


With Appwrite’s developer community growing at a significant rate, we want to take the time to appreciate and showcase amazing applications built by our community.

This month, we’d like to give the spotlight to 0xChuy, who built a successful app called Mango Manga. Let’s get started by interviewing them to learn more about their project and journey.

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Tell us more about who you are

Hi, I’m 0xChuy, an iOS senior and indie hacker. You can find me on Twitter at where I write about my indie journey.

What is the name of the project you built?

Mango Manga

Why did you decide to build this? What inspired you?

I built Mango Manga because I love to read mangas and I joined the Facebook group about mangas in Mexico where they needed a good app to read them.

What are Mangas?

Mango is a manga reader, manga’s are Japanese comics, internally, mango’s does web scraping to extract the content from different manga sources on the internet. Then mango organizes the content to be able to visualize it.

What technologies did you use to create it and how did you use each technology?

I used Flutter for the Android app and Swift for the iOS app. The backend uses Appwrite.

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Who is your target audience and how will it help them to learn more about your project?

The target audience is manga readers. At this moment, the app is only available in Spanish, so my main target is located in Latin America and Spain.

We have more than 10,000 people using this app on a daily basis reading at least a chapter.

What issues did you run into while building this project and how did you solve them?

The main problem for this app was automating the process of updating our manga directory from many sources on the internet.

How did Appwrite help your project?

Appwrite managed all of my backend, database, and authentication, and recently I implemented a lot of functions that were made in Python for automating various features, such as sending push notifications, updating manga views, updating user properties, etc.

What are a few things you wish you knew before starting this project?

Before I started this over a year ago, I knew a little bit about docker/docker-compose, since this project (and other Appwrite projects built), my docker skills improved a lot. I recommend basic knowledge about docker to help you take better control of your Appwrite project.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Before I made Mango, I never used backend solutions for my personal projects, but since I found Appwrite and use it in production projects, I fell in love.

The boring stuff about creating a robust backend - say goodbye, because Appwrite managed all of them. Also, the community is really great and the support is unbeatable. Every time I have a problem or a doubt about Appwrite, the community and core team helped me every time.

Where can others find your app?

Usted puede encontrar Mango Manga en la app store o en la play store:

Can you share some screenshots of your app?

Android app

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iOS app

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Ending notes

Did you build with Appwrite? Want your stories to be heard?
Reach out to @haimantika

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