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installing xampp and HeidiSQL ubuntu 20.04

Hello everyone for those who are using any linux distro in this case ubuntu 20.04 there are certain installations to be done

*Installation Xampp**
wget -r (you can choose your preferred version)

//give permissions

/home/your-user/ to its location and from the console we give permissions.

chmod 755 xampp-linux-*

Install it.

sudo ./xampp-linux-*


adrian@asus ~/ $ chmod 755 xampp-linux-*

click next next next next until the installation begins

//commands to use

sudo /opt/lampp/lampp/lampp start //to start the service

sudo /opt/lampp/lampp/lampp stop //to stop it

sudo /opt/lampp/lampp restart //to restart the service

sudo /opt/lampp/ //to access control panel

****Instalacion HeidiSQL*****
we must first install Wine which allows us to translate windows applications to linux
sudo apt install wine64 //installing
winewinecfg //to configure wine

You will see a window indicating that the program is being configured. We wait until it finishes, or until we see a window asking for permission to install dependencies. We click on the "Install" button of all of them so that the wizard takes care of downloading and copying everything necessary, and when the process is finished, and everything is ready on our PC, we will see the Wine configuration window. This window has 7 tabs, through which we will be able to configure the different aspects of this tool.Wine allows us to simulate all versions of Windows. This way, if we have software that can only run on a specific version of Windows, we will be able to load the libraries of that version, and impersonate the version of the operating system, for each of them. We can configure a default version, which will be used in all programs, and add specific EXE files to give each one a version. To verify that it has been installed correctly we will use
wine --version
an easy way to open the program is to run the following command (just in case clicking or double clicking and opening with another application on the exe does not open with wine)
run wine programname.exe and ready to start the installation of HeidiSQL once installed we will open its GUI and make the relevant configurations of the localhost once realzida the configurations give in open and ready you will have installed HeidiSQL correctly.

NOTE: before starting the Heidi server make sure you have your xampp servers running.


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