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Guadalupe Rosas
Guadalupe Rosas

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First days with Ubuntu 20.4

Well, what was promised is a debt so well I bring a small review of my experience these days using the Ubuntu 20.4 linux distro, which I have loved since it is super friendly to program, the use of the terminal makes your work easier And entertaining, the installation of programs because it is nothing to write home about, you can do it by just double clicking on the software store or from the terminal (my favorite), something that I liked too much is being able to configure the development environment to my I crave thanks to GNOME which allows me to have a more pleasant view, I will continue to try more things in Ubuntu and probably later I will decide to leave it as the main OS because it seems very light and great!

and what do you think about ubuntu? leave your opinion in the comments.


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Giuseppe Pignataro

Ubuntu is a good starting point for people that start using GNU/Linux. One of the best thing for new users is the huge community and the information that you can find on the web.