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Solution to HDMI audio problem in Ubuntu 20.04

Hello dev's after much searching and searching between tutorials and others I found this solution in a discussion forum where a possible solution was to edit the grub which did not work I have an amd ryzen a12 and when connecting to my hdmi it gave me an image but no it gave sound so I followed the suggestion to install PulseAudio Volume Control from the application store and that's it, problem solved, now I have audio and image on my hd screen the only thing to do once this software is installed is to go to the tab of Output Devices and once there select the Headphones as the output port, the software will also automatically detect that you have a default HDMI port when making these changes you can enjoy an excellent sound via HDMI coming out of your hd monitor

I hope this contribution will be of great help to you, greetings!

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