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Gregory Witek
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Technical interview tips - interview with CTO

In this video I'm interviewing Bart van de Garde. Bart is an experienced CTO and software engineering manager with past positions at, VONQ and experience in e-commerce, recruitment and game development. Currently as a freelance CTO and IT consultant he helps organisations to connect business, technology and people.

Together with Bart we discuss technical interviews - what matters to us when evaluating candidate's skills, why we both prefer take home assignment rather than live coding, and most importantly we share some tips about how te perform better during the technical interview.

🎥 Video timeline:

0:00 Intro

0:57 Example of job interview process

2:55 What are goals of techical interview

4:29 Developer's motivation

5:11 General skills vs specific technologies

6:46 Development practices and their importance

8:24 Take-home assignment

10:05 What matters most in take-home assignment

13:13 Technical discussion questions

15:00 Why live coding is not a great idea

17:10 How would you prepare for live coding interview

20:55 Interviewing is matchmaking

22:10 Can you perform poorly and still get a job?

23:45 How do you assess communication and collaboration skills?

26:40 Preparation for the interview

27:35 Who and how makes the decisions?

30:25 What are good candidates candidates can ask?

34:10 Outro

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