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Gregory Witek
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Job application tips - interview with tech recruiter

In this video I'm interviewing Angus Mackintosh, a tech recruiter working in Amsterdam. Together with Angus we discuss job application best practices: where to find job offers, how to decide when to put more effort into application and how to ensure our resume gets noticed. Angus also shares some great tips about using LinkedIn - the tool that developers love to hate, yet a tool which is used by almost all recruiters. By following a few simple practices, you can increase a chance get contacted by recruiters and finding a new job!

🎥 Video timeline:

0:00 Intro

1:00 How's dev jobs market in the end of 2020

3:40 Where to find good job offers

5:00 How to read job requirements

8:10 external vs internal recruiters

11:10 How to write a good resume

14:30 How to write about past jobs in the resume

18:00 Old jobs, education, hobbies in the resume

22:00 Which social profiles and side projects to include

23:40 Should I put photo and personal details in my resume

27:00 Are cover letters worth it

28:40 How to use LinkedIn efficiently

32:10 LinkedIn - best and worst practices

35:00 What to do with company that doesn't response to job application

37:20 Outro

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