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Gregory Witek
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How to pass job interview - chat with tech recruiter

In this video I'm interviewing Ross Inman, a talent acquisition specialist working in Amsterdam. During our chat Ross shares advice for software development job applicants based on his experience with companies like, Atlassian or REKKI. We cover wide range of topics and share a lot of tips about how to pass he job interview and get an offer.

πŸŽ₯Video timeline: πŸŽ₯

0:00 Intro

0:42 How does interview process look in companies you worked with?

2:03 How do different companies reach out to potential candidates?

3:35 What do I need to add in resume to get more responses?

5:40 How much should I change my resume for different companies?

6:35 What do recruiters care about during wirst call with candidates?

9:40 What can I do as a candidate to make a good impression during first call?

11:14 What are good questions to ask during interview as a candidate?

13:23 How a decision is made whether to continue interviewing candidate or not?

14:51 What other things do recruiters try to learn about candidates?

17:12 Would you hire someone with poor communication skills?

18:46 What are some DOs and DON'Ts during the interview?

22:42 How to prepare for a remote interview?

24:22 How to deal with stress during the interview?

26:47 Slow down and take a moment to think

27:24 How the final hiring decision is made?

29:21 Do you keep other candidates on hold while negotiating the offer?

31:06 How often do you reach out to candidates rejected in the past to talk about newly open position?

31:17 What do you think about candidates applying for multiple positions?

33:12 How long should I wait before applying again after being rejected?

35:07 Outro

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